Monday, 30 April 2007

Becoming an expert in Wikipedia

And so it was that I spent half of my Sunday, trying to understand the complicated rules of HTML. Mind you, I used to hate HTML with all my heart. But alas, I needed to understand that weird concept to be able to edit 'Becoming Jane' in Wikipedia, for it used to be a very short article, and Wiki categorised it as 'stub', or incomplete.

However, I was very grateful with the previous 'stub' article, for hence I could build up more topics from the already available patterns and topics. So, with all due respect to the previous writer (Wikipedia is, after all, a free online encyclopedia), please visit the revised content of 'Becoming Jane' in Wikipedia. I still have to learn how to post a picture though, not enough pix there to show the grandeur of the movie (despite all the bashing of historical inaccuracy and inaccuracy of British accent portrayed by Hathaway, which I disagree the most). A full nod for my beta Rachel Kingston who has helped me editing the article, and here's to the hope that anyone who will contribute to the article do not bash our writings.

Having said so, I'm feeling pretty good now, being able to understand the...shall I say... art of uploading an article in Wikipedia. I'm planning to expand the section on Lamalera as well, a small traditional whaling village eastward of Flores where I did my masters.

Pic: Cover of 'Becoming Jane: the Wit and Wisdoms of Jane Austen', edited by Anne Newgarden (I want the book, not only for the contents, but also the cover!)

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