Tuesday, 24 April 2007

What's the relationship between Lady Kartini and Jane Austen?

Well, there are a few of them.
1. IMO, they're both heroines that have managed to empower women in their respective countries. Lady Kartini was born on 21st April 1879, a century after Jane Austen's birth on 16 December 1775. Kartini's renowned writing,
Door Duistermis tox Licht, Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang ('After Darkness, Light is Born'),
have inspired many Indonesian women to reach for higher education and become the best of themselves. I owe much of my life and education to the elegant lady. Jane Austen's six novels (well, seven, if you include 'Sanditon'), juvenillia and letters have inspired many Western women to live their life the fullest. That includes not getting married without true love and affection.

Indeed, both women are heroines to me (and I have more heroines to save for later!).

2. Kartini's birthday is 21st of April, we Indonesians have just celebrated it last Saturday. And surprise, surprise, it's the very same date with James McAvoy, the actor who played Thomas Langlois Lefroy, Jane Austen's lover in their youth. Well, except that James is still 28, so a bit too young for me (harhar!). But, happy birthday, James!


Dang! It turned out that the info in many web pages were wrong! JMA's birthday is actually 1st of January 1979, as confirmed by GMTV Entertainment Today (where James was the guest of the day). Oh, well, that doesn't alter my admiration towards him whatsoever...


goestaf said...

Lagi asik membaca ulasan tentang Kartini... eeee... tiba2 muncul si James McAvoy. Ternyata hubungannya hanya tanggal kelahiran? Ku kira perjuangan si James yang mengangkat harga diri wanita??

Icha said...

Haha! Gotcha! Anyway, James memang mengangkat harga diri wanita... yang dia cintai. Ah, matanya bo, biru dalem gitu... mana ai tahaaannn!!!