Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Megan Gale as Wonder Woman!

Okay, my friends think that I'm a freak for freaking happy about the latest developments on Wonder Woman, but hey, that's what fandom is! First, Gail Simone is writing Wonder Woman, and it's been a great read! Okay, okay, I don't like the WW/Nemesis pairing, to me Diana is always with Bruce 'Batman' Wayne, but what the heck. Compared with WW's fate in 2006 and the first semester of 2007 (please, don't even mention Amazon Attack?), we have many things to celebrate now!

And comes Megan Gale as the new Wonder Woman for the upcoming Justice League movie by George Miller (the man behind Happy Feet). First, I was skeptical: I don't know her except that she's a very famous Oz supermodel. But then I saw interviews of hers, read comments made by her, and I'm convinced that Miller was right: Megan Gale is the 21st Century Wonder Woman. Heh... her pictures practically screams 'Diana of Themyscira'!

And for your benefits, my Wonder friends, here's some scanned page from the latest Australian Women's Weekly (March08), an interview with Megan that will shed some lights to the doubtful minds over there that she's not suitable for the role. To me, the 5' 10" lady will fill the red boots just fine. More than fine. And sorry about the dots on the scanned page. Dunno what's wrong with my scanner.

She does look the part, eh? Tall, charming in red (look at the Grecian-like dress on the left), and pretty athletic. What she needs now is to read more WW, preferrably the George Perez, Phil Jimenez, George Rucka, and Gail Simone era (oh, the depowered but fashionable Diana Prince TPB by Sekowsky too!), and adjust her accent to be rather exotic, instead of Sydneyan! No offense, for I like Sydneyan accent too!

And if we still want to have Anne Hathaway as part of the Wonder Family, why not making her Donna Troy the Wonder Girl instead? She's 5' 8", about the height of Donna, also good in red, and she's also very bubbly and fashionable like Donna!

Pic 1: Photo manipulation of Megan Gale as WW by J. Giampietro

Pic 2 & 3: Red tops suit her, eh? From Australian Women's Weekly

Pic 4-7: The Australian Women's Weekly interview

Pic 8: Anne Hathaway as WW, but now that Megan's here, I think Anne is much better as Donna! Source, forgot where from, downloaded from internet ages ago. Sorry...

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