Sunday, 21 December 2008

And Enya Came…

Do you have a loyal friend that you never met, but always came to you whenever you need a soothing heart? I do. Several of them, really. But one of the most important one is Enya.

I met her for the first time almost 20 years ago, when I was still a junior at my high school. When my friend bought Wilson Phillip’s debut album (and a very very good one), I was captivated by Enya’s first album, Watermark. And hitherto, I kept buying her latest album, listening to her best singles (and I have loads of Enya’s songs that I consider ‘best’), and allowing her to fill my heart with love and hope again.

Such was yesterday, when I was passing by a local music store on my way to yoga and saw the snow white cover of her latest album ‘And Winter Came’; I took her home after yoga and listened to her. The day was steamy, and I found myself wishing that it would rain, for it usually rains when I listen to Enya.

It did not rain yesterday. The heat was unbearable, the fans in my house didn’t work because the fuse kept going off, and worse: I had another broken heart.

But life must go on. So I cried away my pain and slept with Enya next to me, singing her soothing songs with her angelic voice… And I woke up early this morning to hear the hurried sound of rain from afar…

It finally rains. The sky is cloudy enough to guarantee at least half a day of pleasant weather… and though the white winter will never come to my place, particularly these months, at least I have the rain to accompany me enjoying Enya.

It strange, really. She seemed to come to sooth my pain recently. I listened to her A Day Without Rain over and over again on my routine journey to a beautiful mountainous temple in Bali to heal my broken heart, watching the silver rain flowing freely on my window. I listened to Amarantine when I dared myself to embrace a new life without anyone. And now: And Winter Came, another broken heart.

Not that I’m complaining. Seems Mother Nature has her way to show me that everything will be alright, that I will emerge stronger, wiser, and more beautiful within from all these trials… and she asked Enya to help me. In many ways… it is good.

I haven’t decided which AWC tracks that I love the most. Certainly the first instrumental song (And Winter Came) fits the first place: it brings you to the spirit of winter…Christmas… and love. Trains and Winter Rains and My! My! Time Flies! certainly captivate my heart. Oiche Chiuin is basically the Celtic version of Silent Night, and my oh my... is it not gorgeous? And listen to what our Enya said in The Spirit of Christmas Past:

When tears are in your eyes, it's time to look inside, your heart can find another way
Believe in what I say - don't throw this time away,
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day... Christmas Day...

So, let the shadows go and drift away like snow,
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day... Christmas Day...

So, dream until the night becomes the morning light,
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day... Christmas Day...

Or what she said in Last Time by Moonlight:

The winter sky above us was shining in moonlight,
and everywhere around us... the silence of midnight
and we had gathered snowflakes;
remember the soft light of starlight on snow

Oooh, remember this, for no one knows the way love goes
Oooh, remember this, for no one knows the way life goes

We walked the road together one last time by moonlight,
as underneath the heavens the slow chimes at midngith
but nothing is forever, not even the starlight at midnight
not even the moonlight

Oooh, remember this, for no one knows the way love goes
Oooh, remember this, for no one knows the way life goes

Wow... I bet she was a priestess in her past life. Seriously, she must be a Celtic High Priestess there, singing her soothing words to heal others' pains...

But if I may cast a hope for the next Enya album… may she sees me in a beautiful life, no heart breaks; just hope, love, and life. But until then… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And believe that all events in our lives are there to present us with valuable lessons, to make us better beings on this planet.

Pic1: Cover album to ‘And Winter Came’, from
Pic2: Photoshop snowflake, from Creativebits