Monday, 30 July 2012

More reasons to love ‘Immortals of Meluha’

‘There is no “your god” or “my god”. All godliness comes from the same source. It’s just the manifestations that are different.’ ~ the Pandit of the Brahma temple.

Shiva stared at [Sati] like a parched piece of earth mesmerised by a passing rain cloud.

Sati      : Thank you for your help, foreigner. I owe you my life and you will not find me ungrateful. If you ever need my help, do call on me.
Shiva   : Can I call on you even if I don’t need your help?
(Sati: !!!
me: Laugh out loud!!!)

Shiva kept starring at the fast disappearing profile of the chariot. Once it was gone, he continued to stare at the dust with intense jealousy. It had been fortunate enough to have touched [Sati].

‘...a person’s character is not tested in good times. It is only in bad times that a person shows how steadfast he is to his dharma’ ~ Parvateshwar

‘ is a capable but cold-hearted master. Unlike a Neelkanth, it will not solve your problems for you. It will only provide you with the tools that you may need to fight your own battles. Most people find it easier to wait for the arrival of the Messiah rather than act to solve their own problems.’ ~ Brahaspati

‘Sometimes one needs a little bit of faith when faced with a difficult situation. Reason doesn’t always work. We may also need a miracle.’ ~ Brahaspati

‘These people aren’t evil. They’re just different. Being different isn’t evil.’ ~ Shiva

Pic: Shiva and Sati, manga style, by mmmmmr of

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