Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Aishiteru Kizuna: the Bond of Love

Update 26 Sept 2017: click here to read my update of Okada Masaki's performance since 2012. 

Have you ever thought why you had to be born in this weird world? Have you ever thought of why you have to experience those horrible things? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be born in a different family than your current one? If so, then perhaps ‘Aishiteru: Kizuna’ is just the movie for you.

I originally watched ‘Aishiteru: Kizuna’ because of Okada Masaki (duh!). However, when I realised how deep the meaning of the movie is, I have to recommend it to you for its deep lessons and beauty. The fact that Mukai Osamu plays as Masaki’s big brother is a big plus for me, for I love both actors, and seeing them together in a movie like this is such a treat for me!

Fans of Mukai Osamu and Ikuta Toma will understand what I meant, particularly because Osamu and Toma were at the same movie – Hanamizuki  – but they only shared one very short scene together. In fact, in Aishiteru:Kizuna, Masaki and Osamu also only shared one scene. But it’s a long and very important – if not the pinnacle – scene of the movie. Hence, I guarantee that Aishiteru: Kizuna will please the fans of both shining stars.

Little Naoto and Tomoya (Mukai Osamu)

Aishiteru: Kizuna is the sequel of a TV series called ‘Aishiteru: Kaiyo’. I never saw this series, and I don’t think I will (can’t bear it), but this is what I’ve learned: The series talked about a 12th grader student (Tomoya, played by Kakazu Issei) who accidentally murdered his playmate, 5th grader Kiyotaka (played by Sato Shion). Throughout the series, we learn about the ramifications of Tomoya’s actions for himself, his family and the family of the victim. We also eventually learn the reason behind Tomoya repeatedly hitting his friend’s head to the ground (and hence murdered him): the friend was badmouthing Tomoya’s mother. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Space Brothers the Movie: Always reaching out to your dreams

Update 26 Sept 2017: click here to read my update of Okada Masaki's performance since 2012. 

Nanba Mutta (Oguri Shun) and Nanba Hibito (Okada Masaki) in 2012 Space Brothers

It is a natural inclination for a non-native English speaking person like myself  to hope that my Asian movie stars would speak English, so that I can either converse with them in the unlikelihood of me meeting them one day. Or at least, just the pleasure to know the possibility that my favourite stars can join English movie projects one day.  So I was hoping and hoping to hear a bit of Nicky Wu Qilong speaking English, but to date I only know that he understands English, but not speaking it fluently (hence my hope crashed). I’m quite pleased to learn that Osamu Mukai spoke English well in Hanamizuki (couldn’t tell if Ikuta Toma speaks English tho; he didn’t speak English in that movie). Watanabe Ken is out of the question; not because I’m not a fan of his, but because he already speaks English fluently enough to participate in The Last Samurai and Inception. Then, for several months, I was wondering whether my dear Okada Masaki could speak English fluently.

Masaki playing guitar in 'Space Brothers'

Two nights ago, I found myself watching Masaki’s 2012 movie with Oguri Shun: Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyodai).  The movie was in raw Japanese (no English subtitle yet), so I was afraid that I had to struggle to understand it. However, since this movie involves not only JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) but also NASA, English was the secondary language for this movie. And I squeed and wheed a lot when I realized: 1) Masaki plays guitar (!); and 2) Masaki speaks English in this movie (!!). Okay, I couldn’t hear Masaki singing (he probably can’t sing well, but so what), but his guitar scenes seemed real (he did move his fingers correctly), good enough for me! Click this link to watch the movie in raw Japanese (no English subtitle yet).

Update 26 Jan13: RED is going to air Space Brothers with English sub!!! Not sure of the time yet, but I'd say around March. I really hope it's not when I have to go out elsewhere. I failed to see Ikuta Toma's Genji Monogatari (Eng sub) because I was in AU. This time, I better see the Eng-subbed SB!! Fans in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, be happy!

Now, please, click 'read more' to see the English-subbed trailers and read the plot summary and review.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

English lyrics of Ōhashi Torio's 'Fairy' (Raiou OST)

Okay, it indeed looks like that I have nothing to do. Wrong. I have an abstract to submit and a new computer to fiddle around with. Still, I took time to translate Ōhashi Torio's 'Fairy' (OST of the movie Raiou). It is a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. So, enjoy the song with the English lyrics, and disclaimers that I always can make mistakes.

English lyrics and the full 5min ver after the 'read more'. Below is the short, Raiou version (with Masaki and Yu).

Lightning Tree/Raiou OST: Maika’s ‘Kokoro’ (with English lyrics) and Ōhashi Torio’s ‘Fairy’

The poster of 'Raiou'

RED has been re-airing ‘Lightning Tree/Raiou’ these days. I’ve re-watched it several times and remembered how this movie first captured my attention to Okada Masaki (and subsequent almost sleepless nights afterwards to watch his other dramas). I have made a post about the movie here, and in fact, I received my first comment on that post today! Yay!
I have to tell you this: I miss Masaki-kun so much. ‘Taira no Kiyomori’ finished last December, and I cannot tell you how I miss his Minamoto no Yoritomo. I haven’t found Masaki’s other English-subbed projects, so I’m down to re-watching his past projects (The Golden Piggy/Ogon no Buta, Holy Monsters/Seinaru Kaibutsutachi, Otomen and Young Black Jack are on top list). I also downloaded many Masaki-related OSTs, or if I cannot do that for techy reasons, I have been streaming the OSTs over and over again. One such OST is Raiou’s OST, titled ‘Kokoro’ and sung by Maika.