Monday, 10 August 2015

Vegetarian dumpling recipe

My favourite Sunday afternoon snack: dumplings. Photo by me, I made the dumplings, my partner made the sauce

I love dumplings. I love it so much that I learned how to make it myself so that I didn’t have to depend on my lovely Chinese friends who can be too busy to satiate my dumpling cravings. But my dumpling journey has been a bumpy one, until recently when I improved my dumpling making skills. I have concluded that I love pan-frying my dumplings with just a little bit of water; it results in crispy bottom and translucent upper part that are just divine. I first got the inspiration from watching one of Poh's shows on ABC, and after trying this method, I'm totally in love with the results (and Poh is such a lovely chef as well, it doesn't hurt...).