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Chor Lau Heung 1984 summary eps 11-16

The followings are episode guides for the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984. My sincere gratitude the Dramanice for uploading the series with English-sub for us. Major spoilers as the series progresses, hence stay away from this post if you haven’t seen it and want to see it without spoilers. Click here for the summary of other episodes. Click here for Fearless Duo episode summary and here for The Foundation 1984 episode summary. Click this to read this post at my new Jianghu blog.

Chor Lau Heung was disappointed to learn Siu Ching has left, ep 11

 Ep 11: Yat tried to kidnap SC but Chor prevented that, but not without both swordsmen getting injured. The girls were worried about his internal injuries, such that they actually ignored the poor bleeding Mr Ying...(with the Star Wars theme song as the background, I’m not kidding!). Chor tried to self-heal his internal injuries but failed. SC gave Chor a pill which worsened his condition; making her the punching bag of the three girls. Meanwhile, Yat Dim Hung was rescued by Wah Jan Jan, a Hua Shan student, who had to leave him alone afterwards because Hua Shan women were not supposed to talk to meeeeenn! You gotta feel for Dim Hung here: Jan Jan asked him whether he had any family waiting for him, and he said with glassy eyes that they were all dead.

Back with Chor et al; with great difficulty Chor asked the girls to take him to Dr Cheong, who then realised that SC’s pill backfired because Chor’s inner energy was already imbalanced and he was trying to heal himself. Dr Cheong prescribed a recipe for Chor. Afterwards, SC asked the good doctor to take care of Inspector Ying’s ears. Inspector Ying got a new pair of silver ears which assisted him with acute hearing.

God, they're so cute together... (ep 11)

Inspector Ying later found SC writing Chor’s name on the garden sand. He reminded SC that she promised to return to the capital with him after he was healed. SC said she wouldn’t return without the Jade Seal. Inspector Ying saw through his young charge and said it was not the only reason she did not want to return now. He reminded her how hard the three girls treated SC. SC ignored him and went to see Chor instead. She apologised for the pill thing and asked if Chor didn’t find her annoying. Chor smiled and, lightly touching the tip of her nose twice, said that she was lovely when she was annoying (squeeeee!!!). SC blushed. She asked if she could call Chor “Brother Chor/Chor tai-gor” once more. Baffled, Chor said that of course she could call him that many times. SC cried and, when Chor gently asked why she cried, she said she was still feeling guilty about the pill. The next morning tho, Chor found out that SC had left with Inspector Ying (so I suppose SC crying was not just because of the pill, but because she was about to leave Chor). Chor’s disappointment was clearly etched on his face, such that the ladies regretted being hostile to SC. Rosie suggested that the girls find SC again and apologised to her. Chor said not to bother, because she had decided to leave. Sugar apologised again for her attitude to SC. Chor nodded to accept the apology, but I was very pleased to see that he couldn’t wipe out the disappointment off his face (by the way, I've written a fan-fiction based on these first few scenes on ep 11 here).

Wu Tit Fa and his new friend Koh A Lam, ep 11

The rest of the episode dealt with Wu Tit Fa’s adventure with Koh Ah Lam (she’s really lovely without any bangs!) and Koh Ah Lam meeting Wah Jan Jan, who was apparently her Hua Shan sister student. Jan Jan told Ah Lam that she had to return to Hua Shan, hence off they went with the pretext that Ah Lam’s father was sick. The sister students then returned to Hua Shan and got some lectures from Reverend Khoi Mui (a.k.a. Scary Nun) about being prompt and not talking to men. Yat Dim Hung visiting Wah Jan Jan to convey his gratitude once more (I actually think these two would be a nice couple together). The same night, an elderly nun from Hua Shan was found dead on her bed. Yat saw a black-clad man surreptitiously got out of the nun’s room and chased him. The intruder was apparently Ting Fung from the Bat Clan. Dim Hung challenged Ting Fung. The Hua Shan swordswomen appeared on the scene and attacked both men.

Yuen Tsui Wan's dramatic entrance, ep 12
Ep 12: The kind Miss Wah helped Yat to escape the Hua Shan swordswomen. Ting Fung also escaped unscathed, and even found Yat again in the next few days to warn him about the impending deadline. Meanwhile, Siu Ching and Mr Ying arrived at Yunnan for sightseeing. They boarded at Mr Wai’s house, an old friend of Ying’s. There, Siu Ching was courted by Wai Tin Ho, the son of Mr Wai, but she decidedly ignored him. In town, while watching chrysanthemums, Mr Ying saw Yat Dim Hung, thus immediately took SC back to the Wai Mansion. At the mansion, they faced grave news that Mr Wai had died without evidence of a fight or self defence. Sensing danger, Mr Ying and SC left the mansion the next morning. In a tea house, they heard news of other strange death cases where some clan elders were found dead without a fight. They also heard that one Mr Yuen Tsui Wan of the Peace Mansion was inviting grand masters and famous swordsmen to his place to discuss about the serial murders. Intrigued, SC left to Peace Mansion without Mr Ying, despite his advice. In town, she saw Yat Dim Hung again but managed to hide from him. Mr Ying then orchestrated a plan to have Yat secured in a prison for a few days to buy SC some time. In the prison, Yat met Doggy, a little kid who was imprisoned for stealing food. But Yat Dim Hung wouldn’t deserve his name if he couldn’t escape the prison within the hour.

Meanwhile, Chor Lau Heung and the girls met Wu Tit Fa again in an inn en route to the Peace Mansion. Chor asked the girls to ask around about the serial murders. He then took off to the Peace Mansion with Wu. En route, the two friends met Yuen Tsui Wan, owner of the Peace Mansion.

Bro Chor trying to match-make Bro Wu. Love their bromance! (ep 13)
Ep 13: Yuen Tsui Wan personally extended the meeting invitation to Chor and Wu. Mr Yuen was the epitome of a gentleman and scholar for Wu, hence he praised the Peace Mansion owner so much. En route the Peace Mansion, Chor and Wu met the Hua Shan ladies. Wu Tit Fa was excited to see Koh A Lam, but she denied that she knew him.  Chor Lau Heung took it upon himself to ask Wah Jan Jan about Koh A Lam and whether Wah could arrange a date between Wu and A Lam. The date went well, such that Drunkard Wu asked Chor Lau Heung to teach him about a poem that A Lam liked, i.e. Tale of the Magpie Bridge. 

Chor tai-gor reciting Tale of the Magpie Bridge, ep 13

...but he looked pensive here. Thinking of SC? (ep 13)

However, A Lam had to dash off the next day because Scary Nun et al had to leave. Being his ignorant self, Wu ran to catch the Hua Shan envoy and clashed with the Scary Nun. Big Baby Sit and Chor rescued Wu; the three of them resumed the journey to the Peace Mansion. Meanwhile, Yat Dim Hung found it difficult to shake off Doggy who kept asking him to teach him kung fu. Yat finally found a place for Doggy in a Shaolin temple to study kung fu, despite Doggy’s objection.  

First time Chor tai-gor met father-in-law, I mean Mr Song, ep 13
...then he made a correct deduction on Mr Song's character, ep 13

Meanwhile, Chor and Wu tried to get Baby Sit new clothes, but Baby Sit only liked the one that was worn by an aristocratic-looking passer-by. Baby Sit tried to get the passer-by’s coat but was blocked and attacked by the passer-by’s servant. Chor rescued Baby Sit from the misunderstanding. He also recognised the servant’s fighting style as the Eagle Claws and deduced that the servant was the famous Au Yeung Fei, master of the Eagle Claws. They met again in the inn they stayed in (the Joyful Reunion Hotel), where Chor asked for their identities. The owner of the lovely coat introduced himself and his servant as Chan Sin and Ah Kwai. Mr Chan said he was just traveling for business. Chor said that Mr Chan looked more like an aristocrat than a businessman, which made the businessman looking wrong-footed. Chor, Wu and Baby Sit Siu Yan finally arrived at the Peace Mansion. There, they met a bunch of clan masters and their minions, including Hua Shan’s Khoo Mui, Koh A Lam and Wah Jan Jan. Wai Tin Ho was also present there due to his father’s death.

Ep 14: During their first dinner at the Peace Mansion, some guests including Baby Sit fell ill immediately due to some poison infused in the food. The clans agreed to stay in the Peace Mansion to solve the mystery. The matter got more complicated when the five coffins containing the bodies of the five clan masters disappeared overnight. Meanwhile, “Mr Chan Sin” had a secret rendezvous with a black-clad woman who turned out to be Reverend Khoo Mui. Apparently, Mr Chan was the Emperor who used to date the Scary Nun when they were young. Scary Nun held astronomical grudge against the Emperor because he left her when she was pregnant. When asked where the baby’s where about, Scary Nun said she didn’t know where he was because she had drifted him on a river in a basket. Back in the Peace Mansion, Wu managed to get Scary Nun as his enemy thanks to him constantly courting Koh A Lam. Wah Jan Jan was ambushed by a man while she was decocting some medicine for her teacher. For some weird reason (might be in the uncut version), the man placed her inside Chor’s room. Lucky that Baby Sit went to find Chor instead, hence nothing bad happened to Miss Wah (although Chor did bear the grunt from Scary Nun). Edit: in the uncut version, we were shown that the person who ambushed Wah Jan Jan was the guy behind the food poisoning. Still, the uncut version that I have is still...cut, because I remember the guy was about to take off JJ's blouse when Chor tai-gor and Wu tai-gor arrived outside the room (hence the potential rapist had to leave the room).

Thinking that he couldn’t find any clue inside the Mansion, Chor went to town for some sleuthing where he met Mr Ying, who then searched for Song Siu Ching with him. They visited the only inn in town where they met Au Yeung Fei.

Siu Ching enjoying a joyful reunion with Chor tai-gor, ep 15

Ep 15: In the Joyful Reunion Hotel, Chor was finally reunited with Siu Ching, who was having a conversation with her father the Emperor, I mean, “Mr Song”. Mr Song was happy to see Chor Lau Heung, for Mr Song did like the young man and his daughter was obviously fascinated by him too. That was not difficult to see, cos Chor’s slanted eyes lit up when he saw Siu Ching, while said girl was blushing and twirling her hair. After a good feast in the evening paid by future father-in-law - I mean Mr Song - Chor had a nice (but short) chat with Siu Ching. Chor asked the real name of SC’s dad (“Song, but he used “Chan” as a precaution”) and commented that Siu Ching had changed a lot (in a good way, I think, based on how he said it).  Then Mr Ying just had to interrupt because Mr Song wanted to see SC. SC managed to obtain her dad’s permission to attend the Peace Mansion meeting (“Just three days, and then I will return to the capital with you”). 

Bro Chor was happy to see SC again, ep 15
...and the girl was blushing all the way (ep 15)

The next morning, Chor, SC and Mr Ying departed to the Peace Mansion. En route, they found the corpse of Mr Chang, the caretaker of the Mansion. However, when they arrived at the Mansion, the same Mr Chang opened the gate for them. In the Mansion, Wai Tin Ho was happy to see Siu Ching, but the girl gave him cold shoulders. When Tin Ho asked how she came to know Chor Lau Heung, SC basically said they hit off as soon as they met, and they were now basically dating (poor Tin Ho... he’s cute actually, but the Lingering Fragrance is cuter). Later, Yuen Tsui Wan arrived unconscious with serious injuries, but his men refused any medication. Feeling suspicious, Chor sleuthed around. He finally found that a guy (forgot his name) impersonated the caretaker because of an old feud with Yuen’s dad. The guy committed suicide, but not before telling Yuen where the coffins were. That mystery solved, Yuen properly greeted his guests. He also invited Dr Cheong to examine the corpses.

Chor tai-gor pacifying the jealous Siu Ching, ep 15

Later, Wah Jan Jan met Chor in the garden and walked and chatted with him. They met Siu Ching who was trying to shake Tin Ho off her trail. SC was surprised to see Chor walking with Miss Wah, but when Tin Ho said that Chor had been dating another girl, SC told Tin Ho to get lost. Wah felt uncomfortable, hence made an excuse to leave. Chor approached SC, chuckled and then calmly told the jealous SC that she got him wrong (that he wasn’t having a date with Jan Jan). Nice. Lady Charmer Chor wouldn’t bother telling SC that if he didn’t care about what she thought, right??

Meanwhile, across town at the hotel, four men were trying to kill Mr Song, but Au Yeung Fei and Yat Dim Hung prevented the effort. Due to safety issue, Au Yeung Fei moved his master to a temple to stay for the night. Back at the Mansion, Dr Cheong arrived and examined the corpses. His conclusion was that the five masters committed suicide. Chor Lau Heung added a theory: the grand masters were forced to commit suicide. Dr Cheong agreed. Now then, who would be able to force such experts to end their lives??

Brother Chor teaching Siu Ching how to play chess, ep 16
Ep 16: Wai Tin Ho had to leave early to settle his dad’s estate. He left with a grudge cos Siu Ching and the Lingering Fragrance was like Velcro; going here and there together. As Tin Ho and his mates had a break in the city restaurant (the Joyful Reunion I think), he finally admitted that he didn’t like Chor’s being Mr Smart and Chor might just do that to win Song Siu Ching. Yat Dim Hung heard the conversation, hence he knew where to find SC. Back in the Mansion, Chor expressed his regret that SC’s short 3 days trip was coming to an end, and she had to go back home with Mr Song the next day. Since he had nothing else to do in the Mansion, Chor offered to join SC in her journey back home instead. SC was of course super happy about it (me too!!!). Then Baby Sit Siu Yan just had to play hide and seek with SC that Chor left her alone with him. A bad decision, for Yat Dim Hung easily kidnapped SC while Baby Sit was blindfolded. Chor, Wu and Mr Ying found out about it soon enough tho, that they were able to chase Yat and rescued SC. Mr Ying insisted that he and SC left that very night, but SC didn’t want to. She suggested that Chor went with them, for he had offered to anyway. The kind-hearted Mr Ying then had to tell the harsh truth, that Chor as a commoner would not befit Princess Wing Ching. Chor would distance himself from SC if her identity is exposed. Chor knocked on the door and entered with a chess board and the chess stones to kill time because they would be awake the whole night guarding Siu Ching. Knowingly, Mr Ying left the room to guard outside. SC innocently asked where to put the chess stone, to which a baffled Chor asked whether she indeed couldn’t play chess. SC said that she just wanted to spend time with the Lingering Fragrance. Smiling, Chor held Siu Ching’s hand and led her to place the first chess step. SC of course blushed furiously.

The next morning, Wu Tit Fa made a commotion by kidnapping Koh A Lam to force her to run away with him. Scary Nun told A Lam that if she indeed wanted to leave with Wu, she wouldn’t force her to stay. A Lam had a second thought and left with her teacher instead. The commotion caused Chor to spend some time helping Wu, hence missing the fact that SC was kidnapped again by Yat Dim Hung. Yat placed SC inside a coffin and let one of the clans drove the coffin out of the Mansion, basically in front of Chor’s stuffy nose. Chor and Mr Ying then had to report back to Mr Song. Outside the Joyful Reunion Hotel, a nun informed them that Mr Song had been staying in their temple. Then a group of imperial soldiers led by Mr Pak greeted Mr Ying. Together, they went to the temple. In the presence of Mr Song, the soldiers greeted him with the long live Emperor chant, hence giving Chor Lau Heung the surprise of his life. I still remembered Chor’s surprised face as he saw the men around him kneeled in front of “Mr Song”; I think that few seconds were edited out in the 40 ep version. Too bad...

When prospective father-in-law turned out to be the Emperor...

...you gotta have a nice stance like this (ep 16)

After receiving a report from Mr Pak, the Emperor summoned Inspector Ying and a very reluctant Chor Lau Heung (who told Ying that he wouldn’t have let Siu Ching go to the Peace Mansion had he known about her identity). The Emperor asked Chor to help rescuing Siu Ching, to which Chor agreed in a heart-beat for he felt responsible for SC’s kidnapping. However, when the Emperor wanted to bestow him a title for helping out, Chor politely refused. He even did such a lovely stance; kneeling down asking the Emperor to take back the title reward, thus the Emperor had to agree (I actually played the scene several times; Michael’s voice was so addictive!). Afterwards, Mr Ying went his own way searching for SC while Chor returned to the Peace Mansion to pick up Wu Tit Fa, who was sprayed with wine jars around him. Drunk, Wu babbled about how fickle women are and how they would just leave you in the blink of an eye. Chor replied in melancholy that he knew there was no future between him and Miss Song.

The scene that shows CLH's love to SC (and his heart-break, ep 16)

...cos when Bro Wu advised him about women...

Chor tai-gor said there was no future between him and SC

...hence Bro Chor admitting to the drunk Wu about his broken heart, ep 16

Meanwhile, the Emperor’s convoy was attacked and he was kidnapped by Khoo Tai Pang. The Emperor was then taken to a hideout of the Duke’s, who was behind the kidnapping. He was forced to sign the letter of resignation but refused to do so. In the wilderness, the injured Au Yeung Fei was attacked by some masked men.

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