Sunday, 29 May 2016

Updating Rivers and Lakes

Two updates this Sunday afternoon: a new fan-fiction for The Foundation 1984 featuring Li Sai Man and his sister Li Lok Wan (dedicated to Tamuyen Truong) and more of the Behind the Scenes GIFs of Michael and Barbara.


Oreo-based espresso ganache tart

The Oreo-espresso-chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream and boiled quince

I love coffee-infused chocolate dessert, and when it's accompanied with an Oreo cookies base, it's double true love coming true! This recipe is not mine, but I changed it slightly by changing the base to Oreos instead of Nabisco, omitting the sugar, and freezing the base instead of baking it. I took the original recipe from the amazing site of the View from the Great Island, who in turn adapted it from Epicurious. I just put it here for my collection. 

The crust:

250 grams of Oreo cookies, crushed
5 tablespoons (75 grams) of unsalted butter, melted

For the filling

Monday, 23 May 2016

Another update for my Jianghu site

I thought I'd be able to produce a fanfiction and an MV this weekend, but not a chance... Hence this weekend I only uploaded one MV of Chor Lau Heung 1984. The MV is titled "Kindred Spirit". 

Music is "Strange Species" or 異類的同類 (Yìlèi de tónglèi) from Tanya Chua's Aphasia (蔡健雅, 失語者) album. That's her latest album, and I love the techno tracks in it. Enjoy!

Edit: in the excitement of the upcoming LOCH 2017, I posted the OSTs of the Legend of Condor Heroes 1982 1983 here.  And I made two new gifs of MB at the LOCH 1983 BTS

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Remembering Barbara Yung

I wrote a post about a remembrance for Barbara Yung, for today, 31 years ago, she left us...

On a happier note, Michael Miu is going to play Huang Yaoshi in the 2017 remake of the Legend of Condor Heroes. Click here for the news.

Have a nice weekend. All is well.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Updating my jianghu blog for Barbara Yung's birthday

Barbara Yung (7 May 1959 - 14 May 1985)

Today (7 May 2016) would be Barbara's 57th birthday had she not died young. I made three posts for her birthday at my Rivers and Lakes blog. The first one is some of Barbara's hair styles she had in her series, the second one is some LOCH 1982 BTS screen shots with Michael Miu, and the ultimate birthday post is an MV for BarbaraI uploaded it to YouTube and will also upload it to Dailymotion and Vimeo as well just in case YouTube ask me to delete it.

Happy birthday, Barbara. We miss you...

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Seven Daughters of Eve

I finished this book in two nights...

A friend of mine asked me years ago (perhaps almost ten years ago) whether I had read a book called “The Seven Daughters of Eve”. I said, I haven’t. And apparently, I would still not read it had I not visited a small second hand bookshop in Devonport, north of Auckland, last weekend. I love second hand bookshops; you’ll never know what treasure you find in such a shop. Two Christmases ago I found “Ashoka” by... in such a shop in Hobart Tasmania; I finished the book during the year end holiday. This time, I finished The Seven Daughters of Eve in two nights. I got vertigo afterwards; a combination of holiday flu and reading in poorly-lit environment inside the airplane (not a good thing for my eyesight...). But despite all that, I certainly cannot ignore the a swirling notion of DNA, mtDNA, Y-chromosome, anthropogenesis, Ice Age and so on and so forth. Despite my hammering vertigo, I cannot shake off the notion that The Seven Daughters of Eve (or 7DE) truly woke me up of my very long ignorant sleep about the origin of humans. Or Homo sapiens, as we know it. And why I should respect the early explorers, the “Out of Africa” bands who traveled where no one had gone before.

Stir-fried okra Chinese style

This was my lunch today

I love simple dishes. They are easy to make, yet always manage to warm my heart and hearth. Nigella Lawson's mushroom, garlic, thyme and lemon pasta is one of them. Or just a simple spaghetti with lightly-coated pomodoro sauce (I haven't nailed the perfect sauce yet, but I will, one day). Or, when I want a touch of Orient, the stir-fried okra Chinese style.

Okra is a vegetable that you either hate or love. I'm in the love team, and I love the Indian-style okra (bhindi masala, they call it). Recently, I tried the Chinese style okra as well, and I love it too. The recipe below is not mine; it's from The Big Fat Noodle. I love it so much tho that I decide to copy it here, so it's easier if I want to check the ingredients before cooking it. Instead of eating it with onion rice, this afternoon I opted for brown rice and quinoa. Love it!