Sunday, 30 October 2016

Updating my Jianghu site

Lots of updates this month. I wrote a one shot fanfiction of the Foundation, basically a "deleted scene" after Li Sai Man and Chun Sik Sik had a row. Then I posted Barbara's letters about LOCH 1983, then I translated an interview of Michael Miu about LOCH 2017. Then I wrote two more TF fanfictions, which would be an installment of at least three (or more). The title is "Runaway Dragon and Missing Phoenix" (part 1, part 2). I wrote another Chor Lau Heung fanfiction here ('A Capital Mistake'), then finally today I posted the summary of 'United We Stand' (生繡橋王)from Episode 1 to 7 6.

Again, please visit my Jianghu site for the regular updates, for I try to post an article per week, and I won't post updates that often here. Thanks!

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