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Okada Masaki voice for Abe Mao’s 2013 MV

I didn’t know that in 2013 Okada Masaki had a voice appearance in Abe Mao’s (阿部真央) “Boyfriend” MV. Now that I’ve found it, I cannot help being smitten by the MV, and also by Masaki’s voice at the end (from min. 1:45).  Mao’s MV is a collection of doodle of a girl who is in love with her childhood friend since they met when she was 3 years old. They always played together until puberty hits, when she (or also perhaps he) was 11 years old. When she was 15 years old, she discovered that her friend liked playing guitar, so she also learned to play guitar. But then when she was a 17 yo girl with braided hair, she realised she was not the only girl rooting for this cute boy. During a rainy day when she was going to offer the boy her umbrella, a gorgeous long-haired girl outraced her, offered her own umbrella, and walked off with the boy, leaving our little heroine lonely.

That boy is voiced by Okada Masaki ^_^

Then the song ended when our heroine was a bit older (already with longer hair that she let loose), playing a sad song on her guitar. That was when the boy realised she was playing the guitar. This is what the boy (Okada Masaki) said:

Okada Masaki:「お!久しぶり!良い曲だね。誰の曲?俺、その曲好きだな」 -- “Oh! Long time no see! Nice tune, eh? Whose song is that? I like that song.”

Abe Mao: 「私は、ずっと前から好きだよ」- "I have always liked you…"

A very cute song, you should listen to it! The manga doodle is also very charming. The lyrics and translation are below.

Oh yeah, just an update on Masaki: in 2018 he’s playing in “Morning Dora”, “Sora no Restaurant” (with Oizumi Yū who also played with M in the 2010 Ogon no Buta), “Kazoku no Hanashi” (Masaki is blond, and he’s a boyband!), and Gintama 2! A busy year for Masaki. I’ve also seen more Masaki movies lately, including the 2017 Jojo Diamond is Unbreakable. I LOVE Masaki’s Nijimura Keichō, I owe him a specific post for that.

The Universe also made my wish come true by making Masaki joining a theatre play in “Ningen Gowasan (ニンゲン御破算)”, a Edo Bakumatsu period about a samurai who just wants to be a play writer (played by Abe Sadawo阿部サダヲ). Masaki is portraying a treasure hunter samurai-wannabe who knows who Abe’s character is and thus uses the latter to teach him everything about being a samurai. Ningen Gowasan will start playing at the Bunkamura Tokyo Japan on Thursday, 7 June (yes, this week!) and then it will play in Osaka. With 3 hours and 10 min total performance time, I wish Masaki all health and happiness for this!

Boyfriend – Abe Mao

Romaji (from here)

Kurushii desu anata ni tayoritai no
Tomodachi to iu kukuri no naka de dokomade yurusareru no?

Fumikomisugiru tsumori wa nai
Shibaritsukeru kenri mo nai
Dakedo konna yoru ni kikitaku naru no wa anata no koe dake de

Tokidoki anata ni aitakute tamaranai toki ga aru
Ima nani shiteru no? denwa demo kakete miyou kana
Amaete gomen ne…?

Kanashii desu kamisama kizuite shimatta no
Tomodachi to iu na no ruuru wo watashi wa okashimashita

Omotte mo shikata nai no ni
Nozonde wa ikenai no ni
Dakedo anata ni totte no tokubetsu wa
Watashi dake de atte hoshii

Tonari ni ite mo ne tsutaekirenai kimochitachi ga aru
Ima nani miteru no? mou sukoshi chikazuite ii desu ka?

Tonari ni ite mo modokashisa koerarenai wake ga aru
Anata wo nakusu no ga kowakute kowakute…

Tokidoki anata ni aitakute tamaranai toki ga aru
Ima nani shiteru no? denwa demo kakete miyou kana

Ii desu ka…?


It feel painful. I want to rely on you
But how far am I allowed with you in the relationship called friendship?

I have no intention to interfere you
I have no right to tie you to me
But the voice I want to hear on nights like these is only yours

There are times when I want to see you so badly
What are you doing now? Should I try to call you?
Sorry for wanting to be spoiled

I'm Sad.. The gods have noticed
That I broke the rule of friendship

Although I can only think of you
Although I shouldn’t wish for it
I want the precious person to you is just me

Even when you are beside me, there are feelings I can’t express
What are you looking at now? Can I be closer to you?  May I?

Even when you are beside me, I can’t shrug off my frustration
I’m scared to lose you, so scared…

There are times I want to see you so badly
What are you doing now? Should I try to call you?

May I…? May I?

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