Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Seven Daughters of Eve

I finished this book in two nights...

A friend of mine asked me years ago (perhaps almost ten years ago) whether I had read a book called “The Seven Daughters of Eve”. I said, I haven’t. And apparently, I would still not read it had I not visited a small second hand bookshop in Devonport, north of Auckland, last weekend. I love second hand bookshops; you’ll never know what treasure you find in such a shop. Two Christmases ago I found “Ashoka” by... in such a shop in Hobart Tasmania; I finished the book during the year end holiday. This time, I finished The Seven Daughters of Eve in two nights. I got vertigo afterwards; a combination of holiday flu and reading in poorly-lit environment inside the airplane (not a good thing for my eyesight...). But despite all that, I certainly cannot ignore the a swirling notion of DNA, mtDNA, Y-chromosome, anthropogenesis, Ice Age and so on and so forth. Despite my hammering vertigo, I cannot shake off the notion that The Seven Daughters of Eve (or 7DE) truly woke me up of my very long ignorant sleep about the origin of humans. Or Homo sapiens, as we know it. And why I should respect the early explorers, the “Out of Africa” bands who traveled where no one had gone before.

Stir-fried okra Chinese style

This was my lunch today

I love simple dishes. They are easy to make, yet always manage to warm my heart and hearth. Nigella Lawson's mushroom, garlic, thyme and lemon pasta is one of them. Or just a simple spaghetti with lightly-coated pomodoro sauce (I haven't nailed the perfect sauce yet, but I will, one day). Or, when I want a touch of Orient, the stir-fried okra Chinese style.

Okra is a vegetable that you either hate or love. I'm in the love team, and I love the Indian-style okra (bhindi masala, they call it). Recently, I tried the Chinese style okra as well, and I love it too. The recipe below is not mine; it's from The Big Fat Noodle. I love it so much tho that I decide to copy it here, so it's easier if I want to check the ingredients before cooking it. Instead of eating it with onion rice, this afternoon I opted for brown rice and quinoa. Love it!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Updating my Rivers and Lakes

Beautiful art I used for the MV, by Xuedaixun, Deviant Art

Two Three posts: one is my final impressions for Return of Condor Heroes 1983 here. Don't read it if you're an avid fan of Yeung Gor/Dragon Girl...

Two: Made another CLH MV titled "The Wandering Life Before You", this time without Siu Ching for the majority of the scenes. She only appeared in the last scene. The song is from the 1979 CLH sung by Adam Cheng. Hope you like the new MV!

Three: Posted a review on The Academy 2005 starring Michael Miu. Not a wuxia series, but it's Michael, so it's there...

Friday, 15 April 2016

Updating my Jianghu blog

I have found the third OST of Chor Lau Heung 1984. It's a beautiful song titled 情到濃時休說痴 (Love Makes a Fool of None), performed by Liza Wang. I have accordingly made an MV based on that OST; the MV can be viewed here

I have also posted my second interim impression of ROCH 1983 here.

Drop me some thoughts in my River and Lake blog please!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Updates on my Jianghu blog

Beautiful magnolias by Ella Saridi, Etsy (I used two of her arts in the new MV)

I just uploaded a new MV for Chor Lau Heung 1984 using "Undying Love", one of the OSTs for Return of Condor Heroes (ROCH) 1983. You can listen to and watch the MV here

Speaking of ROCH 1983, I started watching the series last week. I decided not to make episode summaries for this series, but I will (and have) post my interim and final impressions. The first interim impression was posted here


Sunday, 3 April 2016

New updates for my Jianghu blog

Wong Yung's gorgeous bright yellow tunic, Ep 50

I have added some screen shots of the last episodes of LOCH 1982 from ep 55 to 59, particularly during the Yeung Gor/Yang Guo baby naming scene. Might add more screen shots for other episodes too and will keep you posted if I do.

I posted a new article on the costumes worn by Michael Miu and Barbara Yung in Legend of Condor Heroes 1982.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Updates for my River and Lake blog

First update: I posted a series of sketches of Chor Lau Heung and Song Siu Ching here and sketches of Wong Yung and Yeung Hong here (thanks Cynthia from the MB Forum for the new sketches!).

Second update: I finished an LOCH fan-fiction (The Dragon's Repentance) with the following snippet:
What if Yeung Hong managed to escape death... at least until Yeung Gor was born? 
Inspired by the 2008 LOCH which gave YK the chance to be with his son and wife for a few months... and born of my wish of Yeung Hong having a closure with Wong Yung... 

I've also linked individual Michael/Barbara wuxia posts here to their counterpart posts in the River and Lake Realm. I haven't finished all of them, but I hopefully will during the weekend. 

Enjoy and see you at the River and Lake!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

My new Jianghu blog

Let me know if you
know the artist's identity
Dear readers, to accommodate the growing wuxia/jianghu posts I have on this blog, today I just published my new blogspot specifically for that topic. Called 'The Realm of Rivers and Lakes', with the blog address RiverAndLakeRealm, the blog is specifically for wuxia, jianghu or wulin posts, in particular those featuring Michael Miu Kiu Wai and Barbara Yung Mei Ling. As such, I have copied all Michael/Barbara related posts to my "Realm of River and Lakes" blog site. All comments have been imported there too. 

The summary of new wuxia posts will still be posted here if they are Michael/Barbara related, but the full article will only be at the new Realm of Rivers and Lakes blog. Non MB posts (e.g., if I do want to write a summary on Return of Condor Heroes 1983) will only be posted in the Realm of Rivers and Lakes. Hence, I do recommend that my regular wuxia/jianghu readers subscribe to my new blog to get the regular updates of new posts.

Note to those new with the 'Jianghu (江湖)', the literal translation is 'rivers and lakes', usually to convey the world explored by martial artisans. There is a very interesting article by Helena Yuen Wai from the University of Hong Kong that explored this matter. Click here for said article. Abstract is below the break. I've read the paper; it was a very informative read.

Thank you for visiting my new site!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Yang Kang's demise (LOCH 1982 screen caps)

Below are the screen caps of the final scene of Yang Kang where he finally accepted his demise. It's a total tearjerker for me that I delayed it for two weeks since I saw this ep 52, but I feel like I owe myself and MB/LOCH fans the screen caps. The screen caps started from the moment Guo Jing found the poisoned Yang Kang inside the Iron Spear Temple. Click this to read this post at my new Jianghu blog.

GJ trying to save YK but the latter knew he had no hope

LOCH 1982 episode guides (eps 50-59) and final impression

The followings are the episode guides of the last 10 episodes of LOCH 1982. More screen caps will be posted later (still haven't really gotten over Yang Kang's death...). Click this to read this post at my new Jianghu blog.

The Quanzhen Sect's Tiangang Beidou Formation Ep 50

Ep 50: Wong Yung kidnapped First Freak Master Ke to ask him about the Peach Blossom Island massacre. GJ intervened, and Master Ke hit WY instead, and she was imprisoned. GJ asked Hong Qigong and Old Imp’s help to release WY; she was released. The three of them then went to the inn where Huang Yaoshi and Quanzhen Sect were about to have their duel (must be an expensive venue...). Master Ke and GJ also went to the same inn to side with Quanzhen. Yet, across that inn, we saw Wanyan Honglie and Ouyang Feng observing the inn.

Apparently, the Peach Blossom massacre had Wanyan Honglie et al’s fingerprints on it. Ouyang Feng wanted wuxia supremation, hence if Huang Yaoshi and Quanzhen were at loggerheads, then Ouyang would be the supreme master.  Plus YK knew the Baigu claw, hence we know that he was behind this too, that bastard!  Based on Ouyang Feng’s instruction, YK had stationed lanterns with poisonous gas outside the inn as another layer of trap.