Friday, 28 July 2017

Candy Candy the Final Story: the Real Happy Ending

Terence G. Granchester and Candy White Ardlay (art by Yumiko Igarashi)

Created by Kyoko Mizuki and drawn by Yumiko Igarashi, Candy Candy was my first anime, if not the second, after Lulu the Flower Princess. That was way back in the mid 1980s when I was about 9-10 years old, when all mangas and animes were innocent and non-exploitative…

I love Candy for her exuberant character, despite all the hardship she had to endure as an orphan in Indiana USA. I thought that Candy would be forever with Anthony Brown, the sweetheart she met during her trying days at the Lagan House. Yet, I never finished her story, for somehow my VHS/Beta rental store stopped supplying her stories. Then when I was already in college, this was already 1992 onwards, I started reading Candy Candy manga from cover-to-cover, all the nine volumes. I remember the days when I went to Gramedia just to buy the next CC instalment. I returned to her early days in Pony Home, her beautiful days with Anthony Brown, Alistair Cornwell and Archibald Cornwell, her broken heart when [SPOILERS] Anthony died… and then my heart beat when she met Terence Granchester. Terry, the naughty yet broken boy who made her laugh again (but not before forcing her to face her nightmares about Anthony).

Then, as I reached for Volume 7, I cried my heart out when she and Terry broke up. Not because they grew out of love… but because Candy chose to leave Terry to Susanna Marlowe, a girl who rescued Terry during an accident. My heart broke when Candy left Susanna’s hospital in a snow blizzard, as Terry tried to stop her from leaving…

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017 and jianghu updates

Happy New Year 2017! May 2017 brings us more health, happiness, peace and joy...

Recapping what I've uploaded in the River and Lake site, I've posted Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of Runaway Dragon and Missing Phoenix. I've also posted a self-musing fanfic about me and my charming but at times annoying muses here. Then a deleted chapter of Runaway Dragon here, then old photos of Michael Miu and Barbara Yung here (thanks to Hannah for the photos!).

Last but not least, two MVs of the United We Stand using Leslie Cheung's "A Thousand Dreams of You" and Madonna's "He's a Man".

Thanks, 2016... and blessings for 2017...

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Updating my Jianghu site

Geez, I haven't updated my update ^_^ for almost 1.5 months! Anyway, I have a (lame?) joke about what people brought during travelling in the Jianghu era vs what we bring these days here. Then I made the episode summary of United We Stand eps 7-9 and eps 10-12 (many people like them!). Then I updated the Runaway Dragon fan fiction (the Foundation) for Part 3 and Part 4. Last but not least, I have uploaded Barbara Yung's letters that mentioned the Foundation 1984 series here.


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Updating my Jianghu site

Lots of updates this month. I wrote a one shot fanfiction of the Foundation, basically a "deleted scene" after Li Sai Man and Chun Sik Sik had a row. Then I posted Barbara's letters about LOCH 1983, then I translated an interview of Michael Miu about LOCH 2017. Then I wrote two more TF fanfictions, which would be an installment of at least three (or more). The title is "Runaway Dragon and Missing Phoenix" (part 1, part 2). I wrote another Chor Lau Heung fanfiction here ('A Capital Mistake'), then finally today I posted the summary of 'United We Stand' (็”Ÿ็นกๆฉ‹็Ž‹)from Episode 1 to 7 6.

Again, please visit my Jianghu site for the regular updates, for I try to post an article per week, and I won't post updates that often here. Thanks!

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Xuan Zhang 2016

Xuan Zhang 2016 is not your usual “Journey to the West” movie. You won’t find flying monkeys there. Instead, you’ll find a realistic journey of an amazing Tang monk across the treacherous deserts, who spoke fluent Hindi when he was already in India and addressed the Indian monks/gurus as “Acharya” in such a respectful way. Copied to my Jianghu blog because it relates to Li Shimin (Tang Dynasty) and it gave me a thought about LOCH 2017.

I found Xuan Zhang when I was on board Singapore Airlines from Hong Kong to Singapore (part of my lag from Washington DC to Jakarta). The good thing about flying with SIA is that you’d be guaranteed to have a wide array of Asian movies to watch. This journey was not an exception. I was weighing between Xuan Zhang and another Asian movie, and in the end, boy I’m glad that I watched Xuan Zhang.

The Chinese-Indian movie was directed by Huo Jianqi, produced by Wong Kar-wai (that name I know!) and starring Huang Xiaoming as the titular character. Never seen HXM in action before, but I was very impressed with his performance as Xuan Zhang that he’s one of my favourite Mainland actors now. HXM made me thought that he was actually channelling Xuan Zhang in the movie; his serene face and wisdom were so palpable, I wondered if he actually set aside time to meditate every day before filming. Actually, I would be glad to just sit next to him, listening to him chanting the sutras...

Sloppy updating of the Jianghu site

Well, I did say in early August that I'd announce the update of my Rivers and Lakes site here irregularly... and apparently I went overboard! It's 8 weeks already when I realised that I had not announced my updates for a while here. So yes, dear readers, for the Jianghu updates, just head on to my Realm of Rivers and Lakes. I try to post something new every weekend, and usually I can do that. If not, then I usually would post in the midst of the following week...

Anyway, since writing an article about me visiting Barbara Yung's grave (I still miss her...), I've written a post on Yang's Saga, made a Chor Lau Heung 1984 MV with Faye Wong's "Eyes on Me" as the BG music, wrote two impressions of the Legend of Condor Heroes 2008 (first and final), wrote a review on Michael Miu's 2014 Line Walker, review Barbara's letters about Chor Lau Heung (she seemed to like the series), and last but not least, writing another fan-fiction about CLH and Song Siu Ching.

Phew! Can't say I haven't been busy... and that's on top of my real-life work and agenda...sigh...

Baigan and bhindi masala

I forgot to take a photo cos the dish tasted so good, hence the bad photo.
Will change the photo when I make the dish again and I remember to take photo!

This recipe is using my two favourite vegetables: eggplant (brinjal/baigan) and okra (bhindi). Original recipe from Yummy Tummy, I alter it quite a bit and I also omit water, but since I used her spice suggestions, I still put her link here. I've experimented with several baigan masala recipe before, but it never really got close to the baigan masala that I love from Bayleaf/Mint in Townsville. This one though is good enough for me to be proud as the chef!


1 large brinjal/baigan/eggplant, chop small
A handful of bhindi/okra, sliced

4 tbsp ghee

1 tsp black mustard seeds
1 bayleaf
5-6 curry leaves

1 onion chopped
Green chili chopped

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Updating my Jianghu blog

I usually just do bulk updates these days, so wuxia readers better off to my Jianghu blog for regular updates there. Anyway, since the last update, I have posted two episode guides of the Legend of Dik Ching 1986 (Eps 1-10 and Eps 11-20), one visitor statistics, the second part of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 1986 summary (Eps 23-40), and more photos of Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi. I plan to make an MV of Michael as HYS later, so just go to my Jianghu blog for quicker updates...

Update 3 August 2016: I posted the MV of Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi on 26 July using the third theme song of the Legend of Condor Heroes 1983. And yesterday (2 August), I posted an article about my visit to Barbara's grave in Cambridge UK on Thursday 28 July last week. It was a very special visit for me, hope you like reading it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Updating my Rivers and Lakes

First post last Sunday was a fan-fiction; a cross-over between Nirvana in Fire and Chor Lau Heung 1984. Second post was last night, a Michael/Barbara wuxia MV. Enjoy!

Also, I injured my left wrist yesterday afternoon, but I hope I can make another MV for this weekend cos Saturday 18 June is Michael's 58th birthday!!!

Edit 18 June: the MV for Michael's 58th birthday is here.

Edit 26 June: I made another Chor Lau Heung 1984 MV with Danny Chan's oldies ballad "Ripples" for the song. Also uploaded my first Legend of Condor Heroes 1983 MV, on Wong Yung versus Yeung Hong (!!) here.

Edit 3 July: I wrote about Huang Yaoshi's characters based on the LOCH novel here, wrote a review on the 1986 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre series here and made a Michael/Barbara wuxia MV for YouTube etc here (the song is Olivia Ong's L-O-V-E).

Monday, 6 June 2016

Updating my Rivers and Lakes

Two updates since Sunday: The first one is the review of Langya Bang (Nirvana in Fire) 2015 starring Hu Ge, Liu Tao, Wang Kai, Chen Long, Jin Dong, Victor Huang, etc. The second one is the historical accuracy of the 1980s wuxia costumes.