Sunday, 13 May 2018

A tulle wedding dress: from shop to bustle to overseas packing

My wedding dress, photo by Stan Bessems

So, I got married to my partner of seven years last April. It was a lovely small ceremony in Australia, followed by a larger reception in the southernmost corner of the Netherlands. There are many sweet memories, but the purpose of this post is to share my journey with one of the most important aspects of the wedding: The Dress.

Although my husband is of course the most important aspect of the wedding, admittedly, The Dress was very important as well. It set the entire mood of the wedding to a whimsical romantic atmosphere which I like. Thus, here I’d like to talk about the journey of my dress, from shop to bustle to packing for overseas trips.

Brides who choose tulle princess dresses might want to read the bustle part in particular, because I share with you one of the most important, yet often forgotten, aspects of a wedding dress: the Bustle. If your seamstress failed to make you satisfied with the bustle of your tulle wedding dress, read on. Because you CAN make a beautiful bustle out of a tulle dress.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

'Rainbow-coloured Lights' - an Okada Masaki MV

After a few months of not making any MVs, I finally made time to make and finish this one! It contains a collage of Okada Masaki's latest photos (and some older ones). Music is 'Arabesque' by Rurutia. The lyrics were translated by Kiwi Musume; the Romaji and English are available after the break.


Sunday, 8 April 2018

Cinderella revisited!

I've been very busy organising my wedding (!!), hence no Okada Masaki (let alone Candy-candy or Michael Miu-Barbara Yung) for a while now... but I'd like to share this video about Cinderella. I love Cinderella, particularly after watching the 2015 film, and this YouTube video (and a Cinderella discussion forum) makes me realise that I was wrong to see the 1950 movie as a movie about a passive damsel in distress woman...

Hope you agree with me, and with the team who makes the video!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Feverish Love

Just a bit of New Year love for Yakusuke and Kyōko (Okitegami Kyōko no Biboroku)… Oh, and belated Happy New Year! May we blossom gently in 2018...

I want more of this kiss, hence this fan-fiction... (Ep 10)

Kakushidate Yakusuke stirred in his sleep before he opened his eyes, yet a very sharp headache pierced his senses that he immediately closed his eyes again. He gasped and automatically touched his own forehead. It was burning. His throat was aching and his gasp – now that he realised it – sounded so weird. Then he suddenly shivered despite the burning sensation on his skin.

Damn, he had a fever! Which means that he couldn’t go to his office… and worse, he couldn’t go to Sandglass to have breakfast with Kyōko-san.

Anyway, first thing first. He had to call his boss at the Hinoko Real Estate. He’d been working there for more than three months now and his kind boss was very happy with his performance. Although he had passed the probation time, he should never take his luck for granted. Yakusuke managed to ring his boss and, with a very croaky voice told his regret that he had to stay in bed today. After barely thanked his boss for the day-off, Yakusuke hung up and tried to get up. Then he fell off his bed. The piercing headache and the high fever made his balance way off and his strength almost non-existent; he couldn’t even pick himself up from the cold floor. With his last strength, he reached for his mobile phone that fell almost a meter away and rang Sandglass. He whispered his request to Hōrō-san who picked up the phone before collapsing, succumbing to his headache.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Hirai Ken ‘Non-fiction’ Translation (OST of ‘Chiisana Kyojin’)

The followings are the translation of Hirai Ken’s ‘Non-fiction’, the OST of Chiisana Kyojin. I translated it myself using my limited knowledge of Japanese language, so do give me suggestions for improvement. The Kanji and kana lyrics are from iLyricsBuzz. I love this song so much, that I hope that I translate it (mostly) correctly. Thanks to R-chan for correcting my translation for the "kaban/bag" part. If you use this translation, please acknowledge me? どもありがとうございます!

Hirai Ken's 'Non-fiction'
平井堅 – ノンフィクション

Egaita yume wa kanawanai koto no hō ga ōi
There are many ways that prevent dreams from coming true

sugureta hito o urayan de wa jibun ga iya ni naru
I hate myself when I envy successful people

Friday, 24 November 2017

'Notorious' - an Okada Masaki MV (Chiisana Kyojin)

I agree with Twitter Awalia Hanifah who said that Yamada Haruhiko was the most gorgeous visual Okada Masaki has to-date. Masaki's Yamada Haruhiko surpassed all my expectations for him, both in terms of acting and appearance. Yamada is beautiful although imperfect. Sorting through Chiisana Kyojin for Yamada-related scenes is such a pleasing experience, that I'm very happy to produce yet another MV of Chiisana Kyojin here. I also included many Kosaka-san (Hasegawa Hiroki) scenes, hence I hope Kosaka Shinichiro fans will be happy too.

This time, I'm using Duran-Duran's "Notorious", for its lyrics seem to hit right on the spot of political and criminal justice corruption that is the core of "Little Giants". Twitter feed and Duran-Duran's lyrics are below the break.

Oh yeah, as I am now re-watching Seinaru Kaibutsutachi (2012), I just realised how cute Hasegawa-san was back then (he's more mature now, cos he's already 40 years old). The younger Hasegawa-san looks like a Japanese friend of mine (who is also very cute!).


Sunday, 12 November 2017

'One More Time' - an Okada Masaki MV (ft. Kitagawa Keiko & Yamazaki Masayoshi)

This MV is the second I made about Yamada Haruhiko’s hypothetical love story. I made this MV because I wonder how Yamada’s love story could be. Given that Yamada is a very career-oriented person, I imagine he would have broken the hearts of some women… or he himself was broken-hearted because of his decision to leave his love behind. I found that Matataki (with Kitagawa Keiko) could fit the story if I altered it (big time – chronologically). Hence this MV, featuring Kitagawa Keiko’s character as a past love that Yamada left behind to pursue his career, yet she was also the one who never left his heart. The black and white scenes refer to Yamada's wish of what he should have done, and the last scene refers to him watching the grown up Izumi (Keiko's character) suddenly walking into the building. I didn't have time to find a scene with Keiko's grown up character in another movie to use, so I leave the ending with Yamada's surprised expression.

最後のシーン, 山田春彦成長した泉美が突然建物に入るのを見ている. 成長した泉美(景子)シーンは ありませんから (検索時間ありません), 驚いた山田は最後のシーンです.

Yamazaki Masayoshi's beautiful song (One More Time, One More Chance) in Romaji is after the break (lyrics from here), as well as the translation (from Rahul Aditya).

Saturday, 4 November 2017

'Femme Fatale' - an Okada Masaki MV

I made this Okada Masaki MV for Aoki Ikkō fans, featuring the conflict between his desire and common sense in the Kinoko murder case. I hate Kinoko with all my heart, so I found it difficult to stomach the Himitsu Top Secret 2016 scenes to pick scenes for the MV. However, my love to Masaki won, hence this MV. Hope you like it. Oh, and it heavily features Ikuta Toma as Maki Tsuyoshi, so I hope Toma-chan fans will like it too.

Music is Bon Jovi's classic 'You Give Love a Bad Name'. I'm glad that YouTube didn't kick out this (IMO) kick-ass MV (at least from the perspective of the music and the movie). Twitter feed is embedded after the break.


Saturday, 28 October 2017

'Midsummer Showery Rain' - an Okada Masaki MV

Midsummer Showery Rain from Icha74 on Vimeo.

I made this MV because I wonder how Yamada Haruhiko’s love story could be. Chiisana Kyojin wasn’t a series about love, hence we only had Kosaka-Misa’s relationship there. Given that Yamada is a very career-oriented person, I imagine he would have broken the hearts of some women… or he himself was broken-hearted because of his decision. When I was shifting through Okada Masaki’s old movies, I found that Matataki (with Kitagawa Keiko) could fit the story if I altered it (big time – chronologically). Hence this MV, featuring Kitagawa Keiko’s character as a past love that Yamada left behind to pursue his career, yet she was also the one who never left his heart.

YouTube and Daiymotion rejected this MV (because of Utada Hikaru’s beautiful song I think). Thus I could only post it in Vimeo, and partly (140 sec) in Twitter as well. I adapted the lyrics translation by Nakari Amane (beautiful, beautiful translation, by the way). I post the adapted translation below the break. I hope you like it. If you can’t view Vimeo, I have uploaded the MV in three parts in Twitter, and they are embedded below the break.

Oh yeah, I borrowed Aoki Ikkō's scene when he woke up from his sensual dream in Himitsu 2016. I should make a specific Aoki MV, right? Many Okada-sama's fans these days seem to split between loving him or loving Yamada, hehehehehehe! (Update: the Aoki Ikkō MV is here!)

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

My one-year review of Macbook 2016 (rose gold!)

English roses for my Rosie...

Breaking a bit from my Okada Masaki-fever, I’d like to talk about my laptop now. My 2016 Macbook rose gold, to be exact…

There was only one good thing that happened after Trump went into power last year for me. That was: suddenly The Good Guys had a massive discount on their Apple-related products. Since I had always coveted for the rose gold 2016 Macbook, as soon as I realised that TGG dropped the Macbook price, I went to one of their stores. Using my very rare pay for a big work that I did in Oct-Nov 2016, I went in, and went out again with an AUD 2,000 rose gold Macbook 2016. The 20% off was certainly appealing… (and no, I don’t think TGG dropping the Apple price had anything to do with Trump winning, but it was a weird coincidence…).

Now, a year later, I thought that I’d better give a review of how my life has been with Rosie, the rose gold 2016 Macbook. For reference, she’s my first Mac, and I have loved her since I saw her. I organise the review in no particular order, and since I’m not an IT person, if you want to get this baby, you better read other people’s review, like this one, for better reference. Oh, and this website gives a good review of why many of us love rose gold (“Rose gold is compelling, Eiseman says, because it offers a subtle sense of peacefulness. It's soothing and calming.” – dang right!).