Monday, 30 April 2007

Writing 'Becoming Jane'

I think I have to salute Kevin Hood and Sarah Williams, writers of Becoming Jane for their excellent ideas of 'joined the dots', as co-producer Graham Broadbent said. I do hope that they will get Academy Awards and/or Golden Globe for best screen writing.

Having said so, as an avid BJ fan and an addicted fanfic writer, I was drawn into writing Becoming Jane fanfictions, two of them are already posted in, under the titles of 'Countenance So Beloved' and 'Becoming Jane: the Vignettes'. Special thanks to Rachel Kingston for her lovely beta reading.

Feel free to drop in, read and post constructive reviews. I accept the fact that a lot of people will disagree with the premise, but please, when you do, write your reviews in constructive manners and discuss it as matured reader.

Pic: Jane Austen at her writing desk, JA Society of Buenos Aires

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