Sunday, 6 May 2007

Dance of the Heart

If anyone ask me what movie with the best dance scenes I've seen so far was, I will definitely answer that with Becoming Jane. I found that the dances in this movie very moving... and soulful, especially the second dance when Tom Lefroy suddenly swung in front of Jane Austen and took her hand. The switching moment was beautifully choreographed, and Tom truly took Jane by surprise (well, he took me by surprise as well!). Jane's sparkling eyes and sudden blossoming of her heart were too difficult to describe, even though I tried to encapsulate them in my latest chapters of 'Becoming Jane: the Vignettes' (updated!). And, as I said many times, the chemistry between Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy was so thick, you could eat it with a spoon (like an ice cream smoothie or something...).

Another dance that has captured me was the part where Jo March and Theodore 'Laurie' Lawrence danced animatedly behind the curtain in Little Women. It wasn't a romantic dance - dare I say that there were never romantic scenes between them per se, unlike Tom and Jane. BUT. But it still counted as a lovely dance for me, especially with the very charming friendship between the two teenagers. The best friendship in period drama, I should say.

Too bad though, that Marianne and Col. Brandon did not dance together in Sense and Sensibility (1995). I like Lizzy and Darcy's dance in Pride and Prejudice (1995, 2005), but they were pretty much awkward to each other (Pride, everyone?), so it didn't really got into me. The banters were cool, though. Very Austenian funny, actually.

Hey... the pictures above seem to show that the curious Jo and Laurie took a sneak peek over Tom and Jane dancing. Come to think of that... perhaps a Jo/Laurie and Tom/Jane cross-over fanfic would be in order...

I should also say that Little Women reminded me of my fandom towards Winona Ryder (despite her dark past) and Christian 'Bruce Wayne' Bale. I am looking forward for a producer and a director creative enough to pair Christian Bale and James McAvoy in the same movie. I will definitely strive to watch the premiere! I don't mind Hathaway and Ryder as well in that movie... (and don't switch the pairing! Let it be Ryder-Bale and Hathaway-McAvoy still.)

Pic 1: Jane & Tom (Becoming Jane, 2007)
Pic 2: Jo & Laurie (Little Women, 1994)
Pic 3: Marianne & Brandon (Sense & Sensibility, 1995)

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