Sunday, 17 June 2007

STOP PRESS! John Howard finally met Dalai Lama!

It seemed that John Howard (and opposition leader Kevin Rudd) listened to all the rants and complaints of the Australians and non-Australians (like myself) who love Dalai Lama upon the leaders' indecisiveness of meeting His Holiness.

Thus, after Rudd finally met Dalai Lama on June 12, John Howard followed the very wise step to meet His Holiness on June 15. No news was out on the result of the meeting, but both leaders did a cute doorway dance together. The meetings were of course applauded by Dalai Lama fans in Australia, for His Holiness is an important figure for the Australians.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark also 'had the opportunity' to talk with Dalai Lama in the lounge of Brisbane airport on June 14. Miss Clark was on her way to Sydney, and the officials said that the meeting was unplanned. However, to me it was delicately arranged to avoid China's anger but also to pay tribute to one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the 21st century. Works for me!

Now, a challenge for my dearest country Indonesia: Will we dare to invite His Holiness to bless our Motherland? If a 'secular' country like Australia could gather 100,000 participants for Dalai Lama's talks this June, would a 'religious' country like Indonesia dismiss his grace? I doubt that Yudhoyono and Jusuf Kalla will have the courage to invite His Holiness, but if by any miracles Dalai Lama can visit Indonesia before he departs this world, I'd say that is blessings indeed for Indonesia!

For further news re: Dalai Lama and John Howard, read Sheridan's review ; a very good review, I should say. There is also a revolutionary blog called Secret Tibet, all about Dalai Lama and Tibet. Go and have a taste.

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