Monday, 23 July 2007

Hogwarts won!

As a fellow Hogwartian, I am proud to report to my blog readers of the victory we achieved last night after the gruesome yet valiant Battle of Hogwarts. Of course, with this message I am revealing to my Muggle friends that I am actually a witch! And one of the reasons for my absence from my private blog was that I had been helping Lee Jordan organizing the Potterwatch programme. Managing the underground resistance against You-Know-Who (oh, well, VOLDERMORT!) was proven tricky, but I managed to transport myself to Regency Era to find some useful spells, jinxes and charms around Hampshire and Limerick. In addition, upon examining Jane Austen’s Emma, I found some hidden incantations that were proven useful for my personal safety last night as I fought the hideous Death Eaters.
I am so sad to report that Fred Weasley was one of the first battle casualties (though we had lost Hedwig, Mad-Eye and dearest Dobby prior to the battle), followed by Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks and more than fifty other heroes and heroines of Hogwarts. I cried a lot when I learned that Dobby had died, plus when Fred died (though not for long, for several Death Eaters were blocking us – they did not know what they were doing!). But Harry Potter’s ‘camping’ adventure throughout England was apparently effective; Gringgott was breached, Horcruxes were destroyed (including the seventh, hidden one) and I also heard that Harry finally learned the truth behind the questionable acts of Dumbledore during his youth. It did not change the fact that Albus Dumbledore was one of the best Headmasters in Hogwarts. 

Speaking of headmaster, I was very surprised to learn that Professor Snape was actually on our side! I was shocked last year to learn that he had really killed Dumbledore (never believed that he was that evil... must be something behind the murder), but I am glad to find out the real plan behind it. Severus Snape, after all, was a valiant hero; I salute him.

I have to say that the battle section between that ***** Bellatrix and Mrs. Weasley (of all people!) was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Molly won, of course, and that Gothic B**** was dead. But nothing can surprise you more than to see Voldermort aiming for Molly and that the latter was saved by a Shield Charm cast by none other than Harry himself! Of course, I shall not have time or parchment to tell you what he said to V, but by the end of the painful 5-10 minutes, the Dark Lord died, and peace is finally restored. 

With this note, I shall leave the blog once again to attend to my daily job as a student at the Hogwarts University. My research on ‘The intelligence and mental ability of dolphins and their possible links to the ancient Neptune Kingdom’ has to receive ethics approval from dearly beloved Professor Minerva McGonagall. Charming supervisor, though rather scary. But her heroic actions during the Battle of Hogwarts ensured me that she is indeed the best supervisor for me!

PS: Of all the seven adventures I shared with Harry, this last one was the best, exceeding the third adventure, which involved a Prisoner of Azkaban (who turned out to be one of our finest!).


Sarah said...

It really was a fitting and wonderful finale to a brilliant series, wasn't it? Though very traumatic; I'm not a weepy person, but this book had me several times. Just a little thing, but did your copy include the deeply poignant and appropriate quotation from Aeschylus' The Liberation Bearers at the beginning? For some reason, that made me cry in the context of the book.

I always hoped that Snape was good, but doubted several times during this book. Then came the Silver Doe, and I just *knew*. Such a wonderful book.

Oh, and this is the same Sarah, by the way ;-)

Icha said...

Hey, Sarah! Thanks for dropping by! How did you know that the Silver Doe was Snape's? For he never cast any Patronus before... so I didn't know his Patronus shape. I mean, yeah, I guessed that the Silver Doe must be Snape's but... awww...

And yeah, my copy has the Aeschylus' quote. Lovely, is it not? Sob-sob... I must say that I was glad Rowling 'killed' Harry temporarily. He had to die to kill the Voldermort within him. And then, he came alive again. Yay!!!

Don't you just love the book... I'm struggling between wanting to read HP again, and to search through the forest of family trees of Tom and Mary...and Jane Austen!

orcalion said...

I always had a gut feeling that Snape was not who he seemed to be.. and I was soooo happy when I found out that I was right.

I wish I had come across your blog much earlier, Icha.. Please keep your blog going, I'm putting a link in my blog to yours so I'll never lose it :-)

Icha said...

Awww... u're so sweet, Orcalion...

Do you know Orca is my fave dolphin? Killer whale, Orcinus orca. Well, technically they are dolphins, though many ppl call them whales for the enormous size compared to commonly sighted dolphins that don't exceed 3m...

hugs hugs!