Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A bottlenose dolphin carrying a dead calf

I was again reminded of my passion towards marine mammals, particularly whales and dolphins (though I also adore dugongs and seals &c) when I read this article by Giovanni Bearzi and Joan Gonzalvo Villegas from the Tethys Research Institute in Italy:

Bottlenose dolphin interactions with a dead calf in the Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece

On the 3rd and 4th of July, 2007, a bottlenose dolphin was observed interacting with a dead newborn for several hours in the semi-closed waters of the Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece.

The observations were documented by 532 digital photos taken on the first day, and 138 photos taken on the second day. A selection of 48 photos has been posted HERE.

We are considering writing a note to report this event, and would be interested in receiving information and comments from those of you who have had similar experiences.

We are aware of the following scientific articles published on the subject (see below). We would be grateful if you could help us make this literature list as comprehensive as possible.

Anyway, I dare only attach one photograph taken by Joan Gonzalvo (I have reduced the resolution) from the Tethys website, which of course belongs to the Tethys Research Institute (so please don’t sue me, Tethys)… I long to read those papers they mentioned, for I am again reminded of one of the main factors for my admirations towards the marine mammals: their strong social ties. I think we humankind should learn more from other species, particularly in these dire years of the Earth (what with global climate change &c…).


Sarah said...

Oh my Goodness, that is so incredibly sad *sigh* :( I love animals so much and am all about animal rights... and I always tell people that we can learn so much from them!! Humans are terrible, terrible creatures! We need to learn from our furry (and un-furry) friends!

Icha said...

Yeah, I think humankind can be so bad... many times. I agree with you...

But I still have hopes, Sarah, that we can be better. We should be better, if we want to live in this one planet in harmony. People like you are needed... to continue working and hoping :-)