Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Bat, the Cat, and the Amazon

I have some epiphanies recently about the lack of BatWondy romance in DC comics and also animated version (naturally). Seems that, although the last two years have been GREAT for Wonder Woman fans with Gail Simone on board, but BatWondy fans are left low and dry. And now with the convoluted Batman RIP arcs, we have Heart of the Hush with Batman-Catwoman romance as the central theme.

Had I learned about this HoH three years ago, I would be very agitated and annoyed with that. Now... I'm a bit down because - again - DC has ditched away the potentials of BatWondy stories, understandably from editorial and historical POV. But I also realise that in another story, there's Trinity and the obvious special bonds between Bruce Wayne/Batman and Diana/Wonder Woman. It might not be romance per Bruce/Selina now, but the bonds are there, the trust is there.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barack Obama wins!

Oh, I'm not even an American, but I am SO giddy and excited that Mr. Barack Obama wins the 2008 American election! I mean, there he is, a sincere man of golden heart, so smart, but so sweet as well, who makes lots (if not all) Americans remembers what it means to live in a country of hope. That feeling is the exact or similar feeling that I felt when Mr. Mangku Pastika was elected as the Governor of Bali last July. Giddy, excitement... happiness.

Am on deadline, so here's the CNN video of Obama's victory speech. Magnificent. Powerful. Energizing. And this is the BBC link to his full speech (it's so powerful and touching!).

Oh, and his grandma passed away last Monday, but surely she smiles now upon his victory.

Did I say that Obama used to live in Jakarta, Indonesia? Yep, in 1970s. He loves spicy food too! Check this BBC link about the happy reactions of Indonesian students at Obama's old school in Jakarta.