Sunday, 20 December 2009

It's going to be okay

It’s going to be okay
by Barin Taylor

It's going to be okay...
Just hang in there
It’s going to be okay
Just give things a little time

And in the meantime…
Keep believing in yourself;
Take the best of care;
Try to put things in perspective;
Remember what’s most important;
Don’t forget that someone cares;

Search for the positive side;
Learn the lessons to be learned;
And find your way through to the inner qualities…
The strength, the smiles, the wisdom and the optimistic outlook
That are such special parts of you.

It’s going to be okay

I know it will be
Because I know you


Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I happened accross your blog yesterday by chance. I can't wait to read up, but this post today, was something I certainly needed to hear...

I think I will like it around here.

Icha said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks a lot for your comments. My blog is basically a rambling blog, but I love posting stuffs that move and rejuvenate me (tho once I also posted an article about finding the right shoes, haha!).

I must say thanks to Barin Taylor for writing those words. Truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...