Thursday, 3 November 2011

Happy 41st bday Nicky Wu!

Well, it's been a few days, but I've been meaning to make this post since 31st October, since my favourite Taiwanese actor Nicky Wuqilong became 41 years old!

So anyway, these are two beautiful MV by Nicky's Panda fans from Vietnam. They made good videos, these girls! And don't ask me why Nicky's fans are called pandas, but perhaps because the clan leader is as cute as a panda itself!

This video used a sweet song by Hongkong-Sydney singer Susan Wong called 'Winds of Change'.

The lyrics are as follows:

Winds of change until the end
You will see that I will be your friend

If you believe I'm heaven-sent
Stay and I'll forever be your friend

You're my lover and my man

You can see the writing in the sand

Lover as it's in the air

I will hold you and we'll be a pair

Standing at heaven turn

You must be heaven-sent

Dreams must be made of this

I just can't let go

I just have to hold your hand

You will ever and forever be my man

and I will ever and forever be your friend
So this will be true my love for you

Time will then forever take a stand

You must ever and forever be a friend

I have this feeling that will never play pretend

Together we'll be strong, this can't be wrong

And dream like these were meant for us to hold

We'll always be so.

And this video compared Nicky with pandas! So cute! Not sure what the song is called, but it's a cute Mandarin song.

So, happy birthday dearest Nicky! Thanks a lot for Shui Ruohan, Xiao Shi Yilang, Li Hou Zhu, Li Mo Yuan, Yinzheng/Fourth Prince and all the future treats you're giving us! Be healthy, happy and prosperous forever!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that Wuqilong calls his fans "pandas" because he is known to stay up late (actually he rarely sleep a full night) online with fans posting and replying, thus making his fans stay up with him too. Therefore by the next morning his sleep-deprived fans may wake up having panda eyes. LoL