Tuesday, 18 June 2013

More notes on shoe purchase and maintenance

My clean darlings, inside my shoe cupboard

I just finished cleaning and rearranging my shoe collection and I have some notes that I just need to jot down. These notes apply to myself, so feel free to ignore it. However, if you do find them relatable, I hope they are useful for you. The notes aim to increase my own appreciation towards my shoe collection and hence (hopefully) reducing my need to buy more shoes.

Okay, we both know that there’s no such a thing as too many shoes for women like me (i.e. shoeaholics), but we can still reduce the frequency of buying shoes. And if we eventually do buy that extra pair of shoes, we know that we are investing on a pair of good, beautiful, long-lasting shoes.

Shoe size

First thing first: Get your shoe size correct. What's the point of having a gorgeous pair of shoes if you can't wear them because the size is off? Here I have elaborated how to get the shoe size correct. But I summarise it here again in this post. I am comfortable with shoes with insole length 9.75” (24.5 cm) and width of ball of foot a tad over 3” (8 cm – which means it’s a medium width).

My own shoe size is as follows: