Friday, 15 November 2013

Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi are dating!!!

They're finally dating! Pix from Nicky's weibo

Okay, I really need to work my deadlines now, but I just cannot stop myself from doing this:



Nicky Wu Qi Long and Cecilia Liu Shi Shi are dating! Nicky acknowledged this fact on 13 November at 2:06 am (Shanghai time, I think) from his weibo, and Liu Shi Shi confirmed it three minutes later (see this post from Dramamusing). They are officially dating, and they have actually been dating for quite a few months now! And no one, NONE of their fans (including myself) suspected this!

Okay, we hoped, of course. We rooted, of course. But they were never seen together other than in film festivals and awards and promo shoots, so we were like, yeah... never gonna happen (but it would be great if it could...). Totally missed this one news in August 2013 when someone spotted both of them buying ice cream together etc, but I might just dismissed it back then, for fear of getting my hope crushed.

But now apparently, they do!

Anyway, cannot write coherently, too excited! Thank You, Universe! Nicky Wu is one of the finest Mandarin actors I've ever known. He's also very tough, but also very kind. Shishi was his co-star in Bu Bu Jing Xing, Bu Bu Jing Qin the sequel and Xi Li Ren Shi. They always looked lovely together, but they never said they were dating.

Until now! OMG... Okay. Some people are concerned about their age difference (Nicky just turned 43 last October, and Shi Shi is 26). But really. I've seen their video footage together. The ones outside the series, I mean. The age difference doesn't really matter. Shi Shi is very mature for her age, and Nicky can be such a goofie for a 43 years old (but he can be very fatherly and brotherly too). I always thought that the 18 years difference between them does not really matter. And I am glad to see the proof that I am right. They will make it work, LongShi. They will. They have what it takes to be a happy couple forever.

Check Linggluu's site for more news, and also Nicky's own Weibo. And also enjoy the LongShi shots here below. Meanwhile, I will just post this entry and scream in happiness... 

November 2013
November 2013

Magnolia Award 2012

During the BBJQ shooting, May 2013


Catherine.Pryde said...
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Catherine.Pryde said...

Hello, I am a very loyal reader of your blog "Becoming Jane" and I was searching for your email address when blogspot guided me here. And, look at what I found! You are a fan of Nicky and Shi Shi too!!!!!! What a lovely and pleasant surprise!!! Could you please accept my greetings from France and allow me to write you from time to time as a fellow Jane Austen's fan?

Icha said...

Hi Catherine, my apologies for the laaaate reply! I don't know why I didn't receive notifications of comments... but yes, do drop by from time to time! So sorry again for the super lateness...