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Chor Lau Heung 1984 summary eps 37-40

The followings are episode guides for the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984. My sincere gratitude the Dramanice for uploading the series with English-sub for us. Major spoilers as the series progresses, hence stay away from this post if you haven’t seen it and want to see it without spoilers. Click here for the summary of other episodes. Click here for Fearless Duo episode summary and here for The Foundation 1984 episode summary. Click this to read this post at my new Jianghu blog.

Siu Ching being all sun and stars to see Chor tai-gor again, ep 37








Yuen Tsui Wan realised he wasn’t his mum’s son, hence he couldn’t be a crown prince. Worse, his real mother was Ching Fung, the Hua Shan nun that Ting Fung made into committing suicide a few months back. Tsui Wan was so angry but managed to suppress his anger to formulate a plan. He still couldn’t resist attacking SC but good thing that Miss Kam arrived just in time (but of course he didn’t tell her what he wanted to do with Siu Ching, that devil!). SC didn’t suspect the attacker, but she still played along with Chor’s plan, which resulted in Ting Fung being captured by our darling Chor (oh he had some lovely kung fu stances there...Chor, not Ting Fung!). Mt Hua Shan was attacked again, but Koh A Lam et al managed to hide from the soldiers. Meanwhile, Chor finally arrived in Yunnan to the excitement of Siu Ching. I swear I just find our Velcro Couple too cute to bear!! Chor paid a formal visit to father-in-law, I mean, the Emperor, and played some bad cop-good cop with Siu Ching, targeting Kam Ling Chi about the poison thing.

Chor tai-gor played bad cop-good cop with SC against Miss Kam, ep 37

Sit Yi Yan (left) point blank rejected the accusation of Khoo Mui's murder, Ep 38

Ep 38: Yuen planned to push Yip Sing Lan off the cliff, but Mum (I mean Khoo Mui) came to save her real son. The Nun Khoo Mui and Yuen had a fight and the nun fell off the cliff. Mr Sit and the Big Baby arrived just in time to see Yuen kicked Scary Nun off the cliff. But Yuen being Yuen, he blamed the Sits and the Yips instead. Since Mt Hua Shan was attacked, Wah Jan Jan had to go to Yunnan to report about the attack. But because of that, Chor’s plan was uncovered in front of the Emperor. Yuen smartly turned the tide again by accusing that Chor was having tricks on his sleeves. Chor had to leave the Tuen Mansion, but not before he freed the Yips and the Sits. Siu Ching stayed behind to protect his father who grew increasingly fond of Yuen to the point that he would crown the latter sooner.

Yuen's coronation halted, ep 39

Ep 39: The day of the coronation comes! I mean, the Emperor would declare Yuen Tsui Wan as the Crown Prince. But of course as Yuen kneeled to receive the Jade Seal, our darling Chor Lau Heung arrived to unmask him. Well, not literally, yet... But Chor tai-gor had mounting evidence against Yuen, from the letter Khoo Mui left before she died, Yip’s baby cloth, Chor’s deductions on Yuen’s identity as the Bat Prince (also supported by Ting Fung’s statement). Fight ensued and Yuen took off with Siu Ching as a hostage.  Huh! But it was a real pleasure to see the plain concern etched on Chor’s face when he realised Yuen was taking his girlfriend (Chor’s I mean). The Lingering Fragrance searched for the Princess for a while before Miss Wah council him to go to Mt Hua San to secure the Duke et al. SC meanwhile had an unexpected help from Miss Kam who poisoned Yuen cos she didn’t want him to be with SC. SC escaped and met Ting Fung on the way who promised the whole secrets of the Bat Clan in return for his safety.  But of course Yuen didn’t let him live long afterwards. Sadly, the fight cost Inspector Ying’s life...(I really really like this character, so I am sad that he’s gone).

Yuen took Siu Ching as a hostage, ep 39
aaanddd... Chor tai-gor was worried for that!

Ep 40: This is the last episode! OMG, the edited version is so short compared to the original (was it 48 eps?). We lost some big nuances, including MB scenes with the editing. But still, better than nothing...(no, I’m greedy! I want the whole unabridged version too! Muahahaha!!)

Wu and Master Dik Chan almost died together, ep 40

Anyway, Chor arrived in time to rescue his mates in Mt Hua Shan. His Majesty and the entourage returned to the capital in all flair. There Princess Siu Ching was brought in a palanquin and smiled at Chor, but he was looking sombre. Bet now he realised that Siu Ching is really a princess. He also saw how Siu Ching actually was used to ordering people around, being a princess and all. Guess that’s why he eventually decided to leave the palace (whoops! Too early!).

The Bat Prince umasked himself, ep 40

Meanwhile, the Bat Prince re-established the clan, unmasked himself in front of his men and went on rampant killing; forcing Chor tai-gor to deal with him again. Chor tai-gor concocted a plan with Hua Shan and Wutang clans. But shoot! The drunkard spoiled the plan while drinking with Miss Kam!! Brother Chor didn’t realise that, hence continued his attack to the Bat Clan.  

Chor tai-gor's strategic meeting, ep 40

Oh wait... he did! He actually planted the wrong attack plan with Wu, knowing that Ling Chi would steal it! Hence the whole Bat Clan was wiped out... except for Yuen who then challenged Chor for a one-on-one duel. With the Viper Sword, no less! 

Yuen Tsui Wan vs Chor Lau Heung, ep 40

In the fight, Yuen and Chor almost had a draw but for one small slice on Yuen’s neck scored by Chor (yay! 1-0 for Chor tai-gor!). However, someone else killed Yuen on the scene (well, Kam Ling Chi, if you want to know!), hence it’s a bit disappointing. But Chor Lau Heung doesn’t like killing, so that might be better. The fighting scenes between Chor and Yuen were amazing tho, totally amazing! A total classic! Surely they used the wires, but they didn’t use many CGIs that left me cringing while watching.

In the aftermath, the Princess asked Emperor Dad to grant Chor any wishes he had. I tell ya, it was quite funny, for Huang Shang basically shoved his daughter to Chor. Yet, to everyone’s disappointment, Chor just asked for one of Siu Ching’s hairpins. Only the hairpin, not the girl. Of course SC was disappointed, such that she asked whether the hairpin was prettier than her. Chor said he knew her, and she knew him, and – being a realistic man – he realised there was no way they could make this work in the palace. I didn’t understand this when I was 11, I thought Chor was being just difficult. But I was wrong. Over the months they were together and days in the palace, Chor realised that he would find it difficult to live in the palace. SC asked why he couldn’t just do something for her. He asked back whether she would be willing to leave the palace and went away with him. She hesitated. He left her at that, and got back to his ladies and his boat. Click this link for the full screen shots of this scene.

As they settled back to their relaxed life on the Fragrant Boat, Michael, I mean Chor Lau Heung decided to sail with the girls (did the girls not have any voting rights there???  Huh, 1980s, I mean, the 14th CE – or whenever this timeframe was!). Then as Sue, Rosie and Sugar cast the sail, Wah Jan Jan arrived to join. This time, Sugar wasn’t hostile towards her. Sugar and her sisters were instead very welcoming towards Jan Jan, which was nice.

Inside the boat, Chor studied SC’s hairpin for a while before putting it back inside his pocket. He heard a commotion outside and a girl’s voice calling him. His eyes lit as he jumped outside to the deck. The light in his eyes then dimmed as he realised it was the three ladies outside, grinning at him. He turned and saw Wah Jan Jan, and politely welcomed her inside for a drink. When he poured some wine tho, another voice called again and this time as he put his wine jar with a thud, he realised it was Song Siu Ching indeed! He embraced her as she told him she was there to stay. The other four ladies entered the cabin and said they’d do the same too. Chor Lau Heung smiled brightly, but I bet it was because Siu Ching was there now with him!

Aaannnd, that's it, folks! My summary of the episodes of the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984. Only 30 years late, better than none at all... Despite being 40 episodes, the story was actually rather concise and nicely paced despite some editing that left out some nuances (but I don't think the unabridged version will feel dragged either). It's a far cry from modern days series where 40 episodes can feel like a torture due to dragged story lines...

By the way, I made a fanfiction based on an imaginary scene before Siu Ching decided to chase the boat. You can read it here. Also click this link for the final boat scene shots.

In summary, if you haven't got the message by now, and if you like old school wuxia series (preferably with intense screen chemistry such as Michael-Barbara's), this series is definitely for you!

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