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The Foundation 1984 recap eps 6-9

Sik Sik reconciled with Li Sai Man, Ep 6

Below is the recap of the Foundation 1984 episodes 6-9. Click this to read this post at my new Jianghu blog. I’d like to thank the Kaypang Gallery for providing the Cantonese ver with excellent Indonesian subtitles for this series (the DVDs can be purchased here). You can also watch the Cantonese ver from TudouThe spellings of the main characters are in Cantonese. Spellings of other characters in Mandarin pinyin. I sourced many spellings from the Wikipedia entry of Li Shimin and its associated links. I will add more screen shots later, so keep visiting this post if you like... Needless to say, the post contains spoilers, so you are forewarned...

Ep 6: The day of the decadal martial art competition arrived. Li Sai Man was surprised to see his 3rd brother there. Sai Man was more surprised to see Meng Qing Bing fighting for the Wu Ling Kau (Crow Sect), but when Sai Man saw Yuan Ji conversing with the Crow leader, he knew that QB had betrayed him for 3rd Prince. QB then defeated Sima Hang, the first disciple of HTM. Kong Fung decided to fight Qing Bing with the One Thousand Forms Style and he defeated QB. KF emerged as a new favourite in his sect, and he also gained more friends and supporters from his sect, including the 2nd disciple who originally despised him. Meanwhile, Li Sai Man felt guilty that Li Jing had used his inner strength to save QB, only for the latter to back-stab them. LJ said Sai Man shouldn't be bothered with that issue, and if anything went south, LJ knew how to bake, hence he should be fine (as a baker). Madame Li overheard the conversation with utmost concern.

Meng Qing Bing (Austin Wai), the cute but two-faced swordsman, Ep 6

The Crow leader told Li Yi that the Crow couldn't host him anymore. Li Yi left and stayed at an inn. Some HTM students saw him and reported to Sima Hang, hoping that Sima would tell Master Ren about Li Yi. Sima Hang decided to deal with Li Yi himself but Li Yi defeated him. Sent by Master Ren, Kong Fung arrived in time to save Sima. Sima later challenged KF, but Lok Wan found out about it and reported it to Master Ren. Master Ren almost expelled Sima Hang, but KF begged the Master to change his mind. The Master finally relented.

Meanwhile, Jiu Rang Ke planned to return to his own country. He asked Madame Li (and by extension Li Jing) to travel with him. Madame Li, who was tired with all the pressure of assisting Li Sai Man to ascend the throne, wanted to go with Jiu. She asked her husband to leave Jiang Nan with her. Li Jing refused because he still wanted to help Li Sai Man. Madame Li said that his attempt to help Sai Man was useless because the position of the 2nd Prince was at the lowest now. Since LJ still refused to go, Madame Li asked Li Sai Man to persuade LJ to leave Jiang Nan with her. Sai Man agreed to let LJ go. He told Li Jing that the general was an idiot for letting his kind and beautiful wife leave. LJ finally relented and prepared to leave. 

Madame Li told Li Sai Man that he misunderstood Sik Sik, Ep 6

Madame Li was touched by Sai Man's thoughtfulness, such that she told him that he was lucky too, for he was also loved by Sik Sik. She told him that the only man Chun Sik Sik loved was Sai Man. Sai Man was shocked to realise he had misjudge Sik Sik, such that he left Madame Li in laughter. He later drowned himself in wine and created chaos in a restaurant such that it took Lok Wan and Kong Fung to drag him out of the restaurant. When Sai Man was already sober, KF asked if he regretted telling Sik Sik to leave. Sai Man nodded. KF asked if Sai Man truly loved her, and he said yes. KF decided to look for Sik Sik and found her in the temple, still with long hair. He told Sai Man about it and together they went back to the temple. 

Li Sai Man prayed, perhaps for the first time, Ep 6

However, at the temple the nuns told LSM that Sik Sik had left. The head nun then advised Sai Man to pray to Buddha, asking for guidance. Sai Man said he didn't know how to pray, but he knelt down in front of the Buddha statue anyway. He said that he regretted what he did to Sik Sik. He didn't realise he couldn't live without her, and he asked the guidance to find her. Sik Sik was actually still at the temple, hence she heard LSM's confession. She appeared in front of him and, as he turned to leave, gave him her sweet smile. Sai Man was elated to find her, but he still asked why she avoided him. Sik Sik said that had she not done that, she wouldn't have heard so much. Sai Man smiled and took Sik Sik back to the Li Mansion. The lovebirds were totally oblivious to the morose Kong Fung hiding in the corner. 

Sai Man admitted he couldn't live without Sik Sik, Ep 6
And she finally accepted him back... Ep 6

Later, Li Jing said goodbye to Li Sai Man, who was so sad to see him go such that he drank again. Sai Man's two advisors were sad to see the 2nd Prince like that, hence they kidnapped Madame Li to force Li Jing to stay. LJ and Jiu Rang Ke were furious to learn that Madame Li was kidnapped, such that they (and Madame Li) accused Li Sai Man of having a shallow heart. Couldn't stand to see their master being blamed, the two advisors admitted again that the kidnapping was their own idea. 

Li Jing blamed Sai Man for Madame Li's kidnapping, Ep 6

Li Sai Man was very angry for they had made him basically a disloyal person. Li Jing et al then realised that they had wronged Li Sai Man, hence they apologised. LJ decided to stay while Jiu Rang Ke promised that he'd help Li Sai Man if the prince needed him. 

Sai Man reassured Sik Sik that he'd not abandon her, Ep 6

Thus Sai Man was very happy. He had Sik Sik and his most trusted advisor back with him now. Sik Sik was rather morose though. She said that Li Sai Man would be the emperor later, and he'd have 3,000 concubines and he'd forget about her. Sai Man said he wouldn't do that to her. He then took Sik Sik to the temple, where they met Lok Wan and Kong Fung again. Lok Wan told KF that Sai Man and Sik Sik were such a lovely couple. Sai Man didn't realise how wrong-footed KF and Sik Sik were. He jovially took Sik Sik to another part of the temple, as KF again watched in regret.

Kong Fung met Sik Sik (and LSM) again, Ep 6

Sai Man admiring his lover as his sister praised them, Ep 6

Meanwhile, the 3rd Prince asked QB to find Li Yi. Li Yuan Ji wanted Li Yi to kill Li Jing to cripple Sai Man's camp. The broke Li Yi acquiesced and sent his brother a letter to challenge him on a duel.

Ep 7: Li Jing finally killed Li Yi because he considered his younger brother beyond forgiveness. Master Ren invited other sects to discuss the martial world leadership. However, 3rd Prince sent Meng Qing Bing to kill all invitees who dared to attend the meeting. The only sect coming to the meeting was the Eagle Claw Sect. Master Ren and Kong Fung devised a plan to secure Eagle Claw. KF and Second Disciple had to guard the Eagle Claw sect while Master Ren tried to heal himself at HTM. KF realised that they fell into 3rd Prince's trap hence they returned to HTM. KF was late because Master Ren was already attacked by QB with the help of Sima Heng who decided to betray HTM. Master Ren gave the leadership to KF before he died by transferring the leadership placard and the book to KF. Sima Heng and his group challenged KF's leadership, but Second Disciple supported KF. The leadership issue wasn't solved even as the day of the funeral arrived. Li Sai Man and Lok Wan were happy though that KF was the one who received the leadership placard; Sai Man was particularly happy because KF was his good friend. However, he knew KF wouldn't fight for the leadership. During the funeral, the two camps fought the leadership in front of the guests (including Li Sai Man and Li Jing), despite KF asking them not too. KF decided to leave HTM and transfer the leadership to Sima Heng to prevent the self-destruction of HTM. 

Later, Kong Fung visited Li Sai Man for a drink. Sai Man said that HTM actually needed someone like KF to lead the sect. KF said that he once left the woman he loved for kungfu. Sai Man lightly said that KF could find another woman, to which KF fiercely said that Sai Man would never understand. Before Li Sai Man replied, he realised Sik Sik had entered the room. He greeted his lover and then told KF that he'd asked Sik Sik to send KF off for he knew KF and Sik Sik came from the same village. KF told them not to bother and that Sai Man should just stay put with Sik Sik. But before he left, he told Sai Man to cherish the ones he loved and those who loved him, for if he threw them away for power and status, he'd regret it one day. Sai Man told Kong Fung that, if it was Sik Sik and himself that KF referred to, he (Sai Man) would always take care of Sik Sik. Later, Lok Wan came to ask for Sik Sik's advice about KF, to which Sik Sik suggested some improvement of household chores for Lok Wan.

LSM: "No worries, I will never abandon Sik Sik."

Sima Heng concocted a plan to eradicate Kong Fung. Meanwhile, KF found a dusty and derelict house house to stay while he practiced his kungfu at the nearby river. When he returned home, the house was already clean and a plate of food was provided for him. He thought it was Sik Sik who did that, but it was actually Lok Wan, supervised by Sik Sik. Later, Lok Wan returned with some dish, and was attacked by Sima Heng's disciples. KF rescued LW but was disappointed that it was her who provided her with dishes and clean house instead of Sik Sik. 

KF later asked LW to return the leadership placard to Sima Heng. LW overheard the conversation between Sima, Meng Qing Bing and the leader of Wu Ling Qiao, such that Lok Wan realised it was Sima Heng who caused Master Ren's demise. Upon listening to Lok Wan's report, Kong Fung returned to HTM to avenge his teacher. However, as the students of HTM fought Sima, Qing Bing rescued him and brought him to 3rd Prince who told him that he could reinstall Sima's position, only if Sima was willing to fuse HTM and the Wu Ling Qiao sect. KF was invited to a hearing but he was ambushed by QB et al. Lok Wan asked her Yi Gor (2nd brother) Li Sai Man to help KF. Sai Man was originally not sure what to do, not because he didn't want to help, but because he knew he and Li Jing was outnumbered. However, listening to LW rebuking him, Sai Man asked Li Jing if they could just take the risk. LJ asked if Li Sai Man was sure that KF would help Sai Man to the throne later, and the prince said KF was someone who knew how to repay one's kindness. LJ then agreed to help Li Sai Man helping Kong Fung.

Ep 8: Lok Wan climbed up the hill to save Kong Fung. They bonded there for KF then realised that this girl truly cared for him. Lok Wan then jumped down the hill with KF's jacket to fool the enemies. The enemies took the bite and chased down Lok Wan while Li Sai Man, Li Jing and the Monk saved KF. Li Sai Man bought KF back to Li Mansion and saw his friend Kong Fung further bonded with his sister Lok Wan. Later, KF decided to overthrow Sima Heng for going overboard with his effort in fusing HTM with WLQ.  Li Sai Man fully supported his idea. Although Sima received support from Meng Qing Bing et al, Kong Fung still defeated him and kicked him out of HTM. Since 3rd prince et al refused association with him, Sima Heng decided to defeat KF alone by kidnapping Lok Wan. KF rescued her and killed Sima, but KF was also injured. KF had to practice the 3rd level of his kungfu. While he locked himself, three lamas from Tibet attacked HTM, demanding that KF showed himself.

Sik Sik failed to console Sai Man, Ep 8

Since Li Jing had accepted the temporary caretaker position for HTM, Madam Li was worried that her husband would over exert himself. She wasn't the only woman in the Li Mansion who was worried for her spouse. Sik Sik also failed to cheer up Li Sai Man, despite her telling him that living a peaceful and calm life could be much better than living as a king. Madame Li and Sik Sik thus bonded further for not understanding their respective lovers.

The ladies failed to understand their men (understandably), Ep 8

The three Tibetan monks went on killing spree such that other sects asked HTM to deal with the monks. Li Jing forbid Lok Wan et al to tell KF about it, but KF still found it out. Later, the three monks attacked HTM, but Kong Fung defeated them and let them go. The three monks grew a newfound respect on KF, such that they promised not to kill innocent people anymore. KF also had more respects from others in the martial world. He returned to his village to pay respect to his father's grave and was well received the villagers. Meanwhile, the 3rd Prince et al agreed that they should still kept a watchful eye on Kong Fung. 

3rd Prince et al weren't happy with KF's success, Ep 8
Later, Lok Wan invited KF to the Li Mansion to have a drink with Li Sai Man and Li Jing. There, Li Jing and Lok Wan disclosed Li Sai Man's real identity as the 2nd Prince. They also informed Kong Fung that it was Sai Man who requested Master Ren to teach Kong Fung the ultimate HTM martial arts.

They celebrated KF's promotion, Ep 8
Then Lok Wan and Li Jing disclosed LSM's real identity

LSM: "Do you blame me for keeping you in the dark?"

...and Kong Fung was speechless...Ep 8

Ep 9: On the beach, Li Sai Man told Kong Fung that he actually preferred KF to know him just as Wen tai-ko. But he needed KF's help in getting back his position as the Crown Prince. Kong Fung said he'd do anything for Sai Man but that, for HTM prohibited its students to intervene with Royal affairs and politics. Li Sai Man was disappointed but decided not to push further. He then invited KF for the Moon Festival the following night. KF arrived a bit late. When they were toasting, Sik Sik arrived carrying a lantern. KF almost dropped his cup, but then he conversed with Sik Sik. They talked about his dad and the temple in the village. Sik Sik was originally nervous and dropped her lantern. Kong Fung picked it up and their hands brushed against each other. Yet, Sik Sik eventually somehow overcome her nervousness. She then chatted with Lok Wan as well, and received peeled fruit from Li Sai Man. Watching Sik Sik and Sai Man being romantic in front of everyone, KF couldn't stand it and left the mansion despite Lok Wan's request.

"Thank you..."
Sik Sik mingled with Lok Wan in front of Kong Fung
Then SS smiled before leaving KF to join LSM
LSM: "Sik Sik, come here, I've peeled the fruit for you."
... and Kong Fung watched with a jealous heart... Sik Sik received the fruit from Sai Man

KF locked himself in HTM with the training excuse. He then wrote Sik Sik's name over and over again and burns the papers. However, a piece of paper containing "Sik" character was not properly burned. Later, Lok Wan found it and realised her KF had been loving Sik Sik for a long time. 

Lok Wan found the half-burnt character "Sik", Ep 9
LW told Sai Man to be careful, for Sik Sik was a gorgeous woman and the 2nd prince wasn't the only man in the world. There was Kong Fung too, who came from the same village with Sik Sik. Li Sai Man got suspicious and then followed Sik Sik one day when she was out alone. Sik Sik went to meet KF by the beach. KF told her he was sorry to leave her, and that he'd love to be able to be with her again, now that he was the leader of HTM. Sik Sik told him that it was too late, that two years gap had changed everything. In her heart, she now only had Li Sai Man. With that, she left Kong Fung to return to the Li Mansion.

Sik Sik told Kong Fung to forget her

Yet they didn't know Sai Man spied on them
Later, Sik Sik met Sai Man in the garden, who asked her where she was, for her face was red. She said she went outing with a friend. She excused herself for a while to refresh herself. When she was in her room, Madame Li came in and asked where she had been. Sik Sik said she went to see KF. When Madame Li asked if she wasn't afraid, Sik Sik said she now knew for sure who she truly loved. She was indeed worried about her feelings to KF during the Moon Festival, but after meeting KF again, she knew whom she loved (i.e. Li Sai Man). 

Sik Sik went into the garden again to see Sai Man, who coldly asked her what took her so long. After several cold exchanges, Sik Sik finally realised that Sai Man knew about her meeting KF. Sai Man accused Sik Sik of lying to him; Sik Sik said she didn't tell Sai Man about her past with KF because she already realised it was Sai Man who she truly loved. Sik Sik said if she wanted to be with KF, she didn't have to hide it from Sai Man; she'd just leave him and went for KF instead. She then told her that he had the rights to be angry with her, but he could never doubt her feelings for him. She turned to leave, but Sai Man then caught her arm intensely and said, also very intensely and possessively that she could never leave him without his permission. Sik Sik was rather scared to see his fierce display of jealousy and affection, but she was also happy to learn how much she meant for him. They finally embraced each other. 
SS: "Don't you doubt my feelings for you!"
SS: "I'll leave if you hate me so much!"

Yet he didn't let her go...
He possessively held onto her
LSM: "Do remember, you can never leave me. Not ever."
...she wasn't planning to leave him anyway...

At the palace, Tau Chiu Yi was reminiscing about 2nd Prince Li Sai Man when 3rd Prince came to visit. We now learn that Li Yuanji was actually in love with Chiu Yi, but not only he couldn't have her because the girl was in love with Sai Man, but also because 1st Prince was in love with Chiu Yi. The 3rd Prince had to suppress his desire to Chiu Yi because his eldest brother wanted to marry her. Yet, despite the approval from Tau Kwok Kau (Chiu Yi's father), Chiu Yi refused to marry 1st Prince. She ran away to Luo Yang to meet Li Sai Man. 

3rd Prince's unrequited love to Chiu Yi, Ep 9

Chiu Yi arrived at the Li Mansion and was received by Sik Sik. The two ladies immediately realised that they loved the same man. Li Sai Man himself was surprised to see Chiu Yi, particularly when the girl said she ran away from her home to avoid being married to 1st Prince. She asked Sai Man to take her away, but Sai Man knew how foolish that plan was. Chiu Yi then asked who the lady was (Sik Sik), and Sai Man told her name but not that they were dating (huh!!!). 

Sik Sik finally met Tau Chiu Yi

Later, Sai Man realised that the only way for Kong Fung to help him might be if Sik Sik returned to Kong Fung. Li Sai Man then pretended to court Chiu Yi, such that Sik Sik ran away from the scene in tears (Sai Man himself looked forlorn when she left, but he kept playing his game). Counselled by Lok Wan, Sik Sik then confronted Sai Man, who said she should have known, that a girl like her would never fit to court a prince. Sik Sik was very disappointed of course (me too!! Sai Man could be such a bastard!!). 

Sai Man played yet another of his tricks with Chiu Yi
Though he looked sad for a split second when Sik Sik left

However, later 1st and 3rd Princes came to bring Chiu Yi home. Chiu Yi had to leave with them, for Sai Man refused to do anything for her. Chiu Yi still asked if Li Sai Man loved her to no reply. She then said she knew that Sai Man loved Sik Sik, for the way he looked at Chiu Yi was different from the way he looked at Sik Sik. Unfortunately, Sik Sik couldn't hear this. She only saw how caring Sai Man was in escorting Chiu Yi. She didn't even know that Sai Man took Chiu Yi to the hall to meet the princes. 

Chiu Yi: "2nd cousin, you're only fond of Miss Chun."

"The way you look at her is so different to the way you look at me!"
Later in the palace, Chiu Yi was prepared to marry 1st Prince. The girl was obviously upset, but she wasn't the only one upset. The 3rd Prince was very upset too such that he drank till drunk. He also swore to kill both his brothers, for 1st Prince would marry Chiu Yi and the 2nd Prince stole her heart (not that Li Sai Man loved her). 

Meanwhile, now that not even Chiu Yi's presence could make Sik Sik leave, Li Sai Man decided that he'd leave her instead. He pretended to leave for good. In panic, Madame Li informed Sik Sik about it (God, I love Madame Li, she's such a good big sister to Sik Sik). 

Mme Li encouraged Sik Sik to prevent Sai Man from leaving

Despite her initial reluctance to stop him, Sik Sik finally rushed in to confront Sai Man, only to receive even more cruel words from him that reduced her to tears (I really want to wring Sai Man's neck by this stage!). 

"I will be the emperor of Da Tang one day"

LSM: "Ask yourself if you can be an empress."

Sik Sik then left Li Mansion to wander around and didn't take cover when it rained hard. At the Li Mansion, Sai Man absent-mindedly watched the rain as Li Jing praised his "wise action". Drenched wet, Sik Sik arrived at HTM but turned back again to leave. She then felt someone covering her with an umbrella. She whispered "Sai Man" and turned, only to find Kong Fung covering her from rain. Disappointed, Sik Sik fainted. 

Sai Man, your counselor (and yourself) are such @$$holes!

She thought it was Sai Man who covered her...
and when she didn't find him behind her, she fainted...

Kong Fung took Sik Sik in and, ignoring Lok Wan, started to take care of Sik Sik. Lok Wan herself stayed to take care of the girl for her Yi Gor. Yet, when Sik Sik woke up, she didn't want to talk to both KF and Lok Wan. The Princess later warned her brother that if he didn't take Sik Sik back, she'd love Kong Fung again. Sai Man said it was good, for it was part of his plan anyway. Yet, he looked even more forlorn as Lok Wan left.

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