Thursday, 31 May 2007

Little Women Sountrack

It finally arrived yesterday: Original Soundtrack of Little Women (1994)! And my oh my... how I love it! I especially love the main theme, of course, with the lovely orchestra. But I also love the Spring/Amy Abroad, Meg's Hair, La Fayette's Welcome (Frank Johnson), Port Royal Gallop (Claudio Grafulla, 1810-1880)... and my favourite: Maria Redowa (Gaetano Donizetti, 1797-1848). The last three tracks are from the 19th century classical scores, by the way, so it added to the beauty.

This post reminds me that I have to add Becoming Jane and Sense & Sensibility OST reviews, all of which I love as well!

Now, where's my Emma and English Country Dance? I hope it arrives before I go to Melbourne next week...

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