Monday, 7 May 2007

Religion of kindness

I found this very beautiful picture from the Dalai Lama Australia Tour 2007 - it's for free, thus I can post it here. I found it very useful for my inner peace and strengthening my will to do and finish my research (concerning that I still have sub-zero funding now...). Just as well, for I've registered myself for the White Tara Empowerment class in Geelong this June. It's $25, and by the Gods... it worths every cent!

BUT. I failed to get the free ticket for Geelong speech! Whhhaaaahhh!!! My fault, I forgot to obtain it last April - actually, I looked in the wrong page, that was why... That leaves me with the Melbourne non-ticketed speech on June 9, and I have to wake up early to get the best seat! No problem at all!

Your Holiness... I'm coming to you!

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