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Lightning Tree/Raiou OST: Maika’s ‘Kokoro’ (with English lyrics) and Ōhashi Torio’s ‘Fairy’

The poster of 'Raiou'

RED has been re-airing ‘Lightning Tree/Raiou’ these days. I’ve re-watched it several times and remembered how this movie first captured my attention to Okada Masaki (and subsequent almost sleepless nights afterwards to watch his other dramas). I have made a post about the movie here, and in fact, I received my first comment on that post today! Yay!
I have to tell you this: I miss Masaki-kun so much. ‘Taira no Kiyomori’ finished last December, and I cannot tell you how I miss his Minamoto no Yoritomo. I haven’t found Masaki’s other English-subbed projects, so I’m down to re-watching his past projects (The Golden Piggy/Ogon no Buta, Holy Monsters/Seinaru Kaibutsutachi, Otomen and Young Black Jack are on top list). I also downloaded many Masaki-related OSTs, or if I cannot do that for techy reasons, I have been streaming the OSTs over and over again. One such OST is Raiou’s OST, titled ‘Kokoro’ and sung by Maika. 

See how cute Masaki and Yu were; ‘lip-sync’ing Maika? Sugoi kawaii ne!

Naturally, I want to know the English translation of the lyrics. I easily found the Romaji and Kanji lyrics, e.g. here, but not the English translation.  So, I did what I did during the Taira no Kiyomori: I self-translated the lyrics.

The romaji and English lyrics can be found below after the gorgeous MV here, ‘Fairy’ by Ōhashi Torio. I didn’t know the title until 10 minutes ago, but I think I recognised it: it was sung lyric-less when Narimichi (Okada Masaki) found Yu (Yu Aoi) by the fire during the Seta Matsuri/Festival. It was also the end credit music when Seta Sukejiro found his sister Yu by the Lightning Tree after Narimichi’s death. Click this for the full version (more than 5 min) of the song. English and Romaji lyrics are in this post.

Here’s the English lyrics to Kokoro, with disclaimer that I enlisted the help of Google Translator and some logics, hence I am bound to make mistakes. Gomen kudasai in advance!

'Kokoro' by Maika (English ver):

Hey, I wonder where we are heading
At times, I don’t know about it myself
But if I stay on by your warmth, many times
My frozen heart always gently dissolved

The voice inside our hearts is the sign
Over the years, love can change its appearance
The two of us together on this road

Your voice calling my name
As you reach here now
My desire to hold hands with you is greater than countless pains

Continue to scream, continue to seek
Even if everything is broken
Still want to protect those irreplaceable days
The two of us are the living proof

Even now, I’m still thinking of you

Hey, don’t lose the feeling of that day
Time has passed and faded
But that feeling will continue to shine without disappearing

The voice inside our hearts is the sign
Once again, I’m afraid of losing
(and) pulling the same lies

I want it to be just you
I cannot express my heart enough
I cannot say that enough
The embrace always remains


Now look, if you listen carefully, you will hear it
‘Seize the day’ is not an illusion


Continue to waver, continue to search
We’ve finally found the answer
Moments with you will never change
The two of us is certainly a living proof

And now I live with you

Romaji ver:

nee bokura wa doko e mukatterun darou
tokiniwa jibun no koto
wakaranaku naru keredo

nee hanarezu ni ite anata no netsu de nando datte
kooritsuita kokoro wo itsumo yasashiku tokashite

michishirube mune ni te wo atete kikoeru koe
toshitsuki wo kasane ai ga sono sugata ni kaetemo
futari wa kono michi no ue

namae wo yonde anata no koe de
imasugu kokomade todoku youni
kazoekirenai hodo no itami nara koeru yo
anata to te wo tsunagitai

sakebi tsuzukete motome tsuzukete
subete ga kowarete shimattemo
mamori nukitai kakegaenai hibi
sorewa futari ga ikitekita akashi

ima mo omou yo anata wo
nee anohi no kimochi nakusanaide
toki ga sugite iroasetemo
kierukoto naku kagayaki tsuzukete
michishirube mune ni te wo atete kikoeru koe
ushinaukoto yori kowai nowa mou ichido
onnaji uso wo kasaneru koto

anata to itai soredake nanoni
kotoba ja kokoro wa egakenai
kurikaeshiteru ienakatta koto
zutto kakaekonda mama de

hora ima mimi wo sumase kikoeteru koe
maboroshi nanka janai "ima wo ikite"

mayoi tsuzukete sagashi tsuzukete
yatto mitsuketa sono kotae wa
kawarukoto nai anata to no toki ga
kitto futari no ikitekita akashi

ima wo ikiru yo anata to

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