Friday, 1 January 2016

"A Love Before Time" - a Michael Miu/Barbara Yung wuxia MV

Happy New Year again, guys! Was hoping to catch some sleep today, but MB bugged me to produce a new MV. Hence, here's the three MB wuxia series of The Foundation, Chor Lau Heung and Fearless Duo. Music is from my favourite Coco Lee, A Love Before Time (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), composed by Tan Dun, music by Yoyo Ma. I was originally accustomed to the English version, but upon understanding the meaning of the Mandarin version, I love the latter more. I post here the two versions, Mandarin and English. Have uploaded them to Vimeo, and will do that with Dailymotion either soon or tomorrow. Gotta catch some New Year sleep...

The premise is similar to my Karmic Connection fanfiction, which apparently has drawn some good readerships. I have no LOCH footage, and I don't think I can do justice here, hence I only present The Foundation, Chor Lau Heung and Fearless Duo.  The Pinyin and English lyrics are below, in addition to being embedded in the MVs. Click this to watch the MV at my new Jianghu blog.

Mandarin version (updated from 02/1/16):

"A Love Before Time" Michael Miu/Barbara Yung wuxia MV (Mandarin ver) from Icha74 on Vimeo.

English version (updated from 02/1/16):

"A Love Before Time" Michael Miu/Barbara Yung wuxia MV (English ver) from Icha74 on Vimeo.

Edit 3/01/2016: Dailymotion banned these MVs (sigh), I think because I used Coco Lee's song, which is kind of Hollywood-y or well-recognised in the Western music. Sigh. For now, it's just the Vimeo, unless I can work on the tricks in Veoh (haven't been able to upload there for some unknown reasons...)

Pinyin and English lyrics

A Love Before Time/Yue Guang Ai Ren/Moonlight Lovers

Music by Tan Dun
English Lyric by James Schamus
Performed by Coco Lee

我醒來 睡在月光裡
Wo xing lai Shui zai yue guang li
I'm waking up from sleeping in the moonlight
下弦月 讓我想你
Xia xian yue Rang wo xiang ni
The waning crescent made me think of you
不想醒過來 誰明白
Bu xiang xing guo lai Shei ming bai
Don't want to wake up, who understands?
怕眼睜開 你不在
Pa yan zheng kai Ni bu zai
Afraid that when my eyes open
You won't be here

愛人心 深入海
Ai ren xin Shen ru hai
My lover's heart has sunk into the sea
帶我去 把它找回來
Dai wo qu Ba ta zhao hue lai
Take me there to search it out
請愛我 一萬年
Qing ai wo Yi wan nian
Please love me for 10,000 years
Yong xin ai
With your heart

[Ai shi yue guang de li wu
[Love is moonlight's present
Wo deng dai tian shi de qing shu
I'll await an Angel's love letter
說你 愛我]
Shuo ni Ai wo]
Saying you love me]

Wo yuan wei le ai chen shui
For love, I'm willing to sleep deeply
Bie xing lai
Without waking

我願為了愛沉睡 别醒來
Yong heng na Zai bu zai
Is eternity here or not?
永恆哪 在不在 怪我的心 放不開
Guai wo de xin Fang bu kai
Blame my heart for being unable to let go

北極星 帶我走
Bei ji xing Dai wo zou
North Star, take me away
别躲藏 把愛找出来
Bie duo cang Ba ai zhao chu lai
Don't conceal yourself-- seek out that love
我愛你 每一夜
Wo ai ni Mei yi ye
I love you, every night

我等待 (等你)
Wo deng dai (deng ni)
I'm waiting (waiting for you)
我的心 為了愛 睡在月之海
Wo de xin Wei le ai Shui zai yue zhi hai
For love, my heart is sleeping in the moon's ocean
孤單的我 想念誰
Gu dan de wo Xiang nian shei
This lonely me is missing whom?
Shei ming bai
Who understands?

[Wo zai yue guang xia liu lei
[I'm crying tears beneath this moon
Wo ye zai yue guang xia chen shui
I'm also sleeping deeply in the moonlight
没有 後悔]
Mei you Hou hui]
Without regrets]

Deng dai zhen xin ren ba wo wen xing
Waiting for a true-hearted person to kiss me awake

[Wo zai shui meng zhong yi tian
[I'm in a sleeping dream for a day
Ye shi zai hui yi zhong yi nian
Also in recollection for a year
說你 愛我]
Shuo ni Ai wo]
Say you love me]

Wo yuan wei le ai chen shui
For love, I'm willing to sleep deeply
Dao yong yuan
Until forever

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